SkipJack 25 & 26 Flybridge Windows

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Kozwel, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Kozwel

    Just an FYI to all out there that have leaking, corroded or damaged windows out there and need them replaced. This has been an ongoing problem in the SkipJack community and there were no good solutions out there to replace them. Due to popular demand, we have taken the initiative and replicated the window assemblies (Sides and Fronts) to the original speck for the SkipJack 25 Fly bridge and 1990 to 1995 ish SkipJack 26' Fly bridge. Some other once are available to.

    We can install them for you to or do it your self. If anyone is interested, please call for details as we are putting the next order in about a week. It takes 3 weeks to make them.

    Contact Pawel.
    714 432-1771 Ext.206
  2. Outlawman

    You say above that there are no good options, however Mark Plastics in Corona makes vinyl replacement windows and they are excellent. In fact I understand he makes them for Skipjack the manufacturer too. I have replaced all of my windows with them and am very happy, no leaks, no problems.

    Bottom line is that it is good that we have options. Thanks for letting us know.
  3. Smokin Fletch

    When I needed windows, I used Wynne Enterprise. Wynne Enterprises Inc. The quility is outstanding and service is very good.. They did what they said they would and in the time promised.

    Just another option for you.

    I would grade these windows an A+
  4. Keith Poe

    I was sitting in my little 24 one day looking at the windows leaking and realised I had never looked out of them.

    I pulled them out and installed 1/4" black acrylic pannels inside and out with 5200 over a decade ago end of leaks and don't miss the tiny windows and it actually doesn't look bad.

    I especially do not need them since i made it a day boat design and removed the galley & head, no more camper just v-berth.

    More tackle room.

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  5. EL JEFE

    Damn nice set up there Keith!
  6. Keith Poe

    Thank you Carlos
  7. Outlawman

    Yeah, but where's that damn Elvis blood on the deck....???

    Come on man, we need steaks for the barbie!...[​IMG]
  8. Keith Poe

    Hey David maybe next later this week.