skipjack 24 parts, electric stove, baittank, win A2Z surface irons

Discussion in 'Boat Accessories' started by GarytheCPA, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. GarytheCPA

    I am parting out a 1970 Skipjack 24 and geting rid of various other boating stuff I have sitting around collecting dust.

    As a kicker anyone who buys something from me can leave a business card or something and I will raffle off next week one 5 piece set of ORIGINAL, NEW A2Z surface irons. Maybe 2 sets if I get rid of alot of this crap and I'm in a good mood. These are not the ones dudes are making as bad imitations on here.

    I am in Orange, pick up, cash only, normal business hours.

    I am thinking about perhaps being at my office from say 10am til 1pm this Sunday, having a bit of a garage sale if people are interested. please let me know if you are interested, cuz I'm not coming down if I get no replies.

    Please bring your tools!

    I will not sell any of the A2Z irons - FYI.

    Here comes the list and pictures.
  2. GarytheCPA

    3 burner electric princess stove – excellent

    New Navy Skipjack boat lettering I had made 6.5”X 28” approx.

    New in the box Kodiak PF17 17 gallon low profile bait tank.

    1 1970 skipjack 24 hull, restorable condition

    Trailrite trailer serviceable condition, will fit a 24 but better for a 20, drum brakes – fair

    Swimstep & 2 brackets that fits a Skipjack 24 - fair

    50 gallon aluminum fuel tank, gas – good

    Refinished skipjack (windline) anchor roller & metal housing – excellent

    Skipjack refinished air intake covers – excellent

    New Rule 750 GPH bilge pump – excellent

    New 18” by 3.5” plastic scalloped vents (2) oyster color – excellent

    2 Trojan 27TM 12V deep cycle batteries used

    Refinished terminal mounting pieces for bridge hand rail – excellent

    Refinished skipjack chain locker hatch cover - excellent

    Skipjack 24 windows 4, fair good condition

    Skipjack standard cabinetry – fair

    Aluminum bimini with blue top – fair poor

    Rubber rub rail (Taco Marine)– fair poor

    Aluminum rub rail – fair poor, you remove.

    Skipjack 24 windows 4, fair good condition

    Engine hatch cover, combing pads, under gunnel padded crap holder – poor
    Shifter – if you want it take it.

    Skipjack in deck rod holders – fair

    2 Skipjack glove compartments – fair

    Skipjack sink and faucet - fair

    Skipjack cabin door - fair

    Skipjack galley table no pedestal – fair

    Used blue seas system perko

    Rule 3” inline blower – used

    “breeze” 3” Squirrel type blower – used

    Various Skipjack (but not necessarily only for skipjack) stainless parts.

    Ladder parts, bow rail, various hand rails for the bridge, lots of other stainless crap. – fair condition

    Skipjack horn

    Skipjack running Light housing

    New plastic through hull

    Used brass through hull

    2 new Group 24 battery boxes

    2 used group 27 battery boxes

    2 Skipjack under the gunnel covers for hiding the air and fuel intake hoses - fair

    2 transom mounted hatches with covers - fair

    Forward berth pads - fair

    Used CG life vests - good

    2 alcohol princess stoves – just take them.
  3. GarytheCPA

    Heres some pics of some of what I have. If you don't see it ask. If there is a part you are looking for just ask.

    All the best,

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  4. madrugador

    Refinished skipjack chain locker hatch cover - excellent ....price ?
  5. GarytheCPA

  6. madrugador

  7. Fishbones

    How much for the upper half of flybridge?
  8. sandman3168

    bait tank price please
  9. GarytheCPA

  10. Staged

    Pm sent
  11. jaw1970

    I'm interested in the stoves and swim step, PM'd
  12. GarytheCPA

    Thanks everyone for your interest. I think everyone has been PM'd.

    If anyone is wondering the dimensions on the fuel tank, which is a belly tank, is 2'X4'X15" including the fill tube.
  13. GarytheCPA

    The swimstep, combing pads and cabin door are gone.

  14. GarytheCPA

    Vent covers, chain hatches, engine cover, jump seats, light covers, bilge pump are gone.

    Bait tank is spoken for.
    There is interest in the ladder and related hardware and rails

    The 55 gallon belly fuel tank is still there.
    anchor roller is still there.
    skipjack table is available
    windows are available
    various hatch covers are available
    old alcohol stoves are available
    like new princess 3 burner electric stove is available
    trailer is available - $300
    furniture is available
    hull is available
  15. thirty8ford

    Damn to late for the door!
  16. madrugador

    Thanks for the parts. They look great.
  17. kabose1

    you still have trailer
  18. skippinout

    Can pick up trailer today if you still have it. Thank you.
  19. ShadBurke

    I'll take the trailer today as well. 3rd in line i guess.

    Shad (310) 403-8205
  20. killrah0341

    How much for the tank?