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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Kurt, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Kurt

  2. fishnRB

    Good. Lock her dumb ass up!
  3. Mr. Len

    can't decide....popcorn or junior mints....

    only thing i see wrong is one person brought a car to a gunfight.....
  4. ConSeaMate

    Should of atleast got to run his ass down if your gunna get you and your kid shot....
  5. Jaydog

    She's obviously a piece of shit but maybe he should have flashed his badge before threatening her life with his firearm.
  6. Saluki

    He and Mansker should spend more time at the range so we wouldn't have to read about the court cases.
  7. Steel Leader

    That's the only thing that bothers me, wouldn't you flash your badge to a woman before you pulled out your weapon, she is pretty screwy for sure but he sounds like a hot head A-hole.
  8. Mr. Len

    settled on junior mints...
  9. tinfish

    The chick put herself and her son's lives in jeopardy the minute she chose to drive drunk. She could have killed anyone of us, our friends or family members. We can second guess the cop's choices all we want but none of this wouldn't have happened if Sliva didn't make the choices she did prior to the event.

    As for Mansker... he should have shot Foley's dog too....
  10. Dos Locos

    I know right? She should've at least flashed her driver's license before threatening his life with her car........

  11. Jaydog

    What are you doing here beef cake? JMO two wrongs don't make a right, he shot her son for fucks sake.

    PS- I still think your a cocksucker for not going on your 8 day this year!!!
  12. Husker Heaven

    "The Attorney General's Office reviewed 2,500 pages of documents related to the case, a statement says. It concluded that “the circumstances surrounding Rachel Silva's car striking Officer Frank White's car were insufficient for the filing of a charge of assault with a deadly weapon or any other assault charge against Rachel Silva.”

    So if the AG's office said her actions were insufficient for charging her with assault with a deady weapon or ANY other assault charges, how can they justify him firing his weapon? Seems to me by releasing that statement, they're setting the table for future action against the officer, and not just administrative leave.
  13. Saluki

    Like I said......... had he spent more time at the range there would be no witness for a lawsuit.

    Shoot to kill............. dead people tell no tales.
  14. TurdRoller

    yeah, stupid 8 year olds
  15. Steel Leader

    In most cases you are absolutely correct, in this case I see no need for even a sidearm to even be withdrawn. I think this is pretty f'ed up, I don't care if she is a pot head drunk driving bitch, no need to shoot all those rounds into her car, that pos should fired and brought to criminal court.
  16. I hate seals Advertiser

    It's BS.

    Some over anxious cop with a gun on his side. Sure, blame the lady due to a few cocktails and whatever. When is the last time you saw a home depot road rage situation turn to complete gunfire?

    Damn dude, drive away. Save the county heaps of money and avoid the situation. Call 911, tail the lady. But to shoot into a car blindy? Get that guy off the force. If I cut the guy off in traffic is he going to unload in the BMW without asking questions? Is that ok these days?

    So if some drunk cop rams my car and I litter his face with bullets, hitting his inocent child, it's ok since he had 3 beers? He gets charged...... yeah right.
  17. ?? fisherman

    With all due respect some of you guys really blow me away with your opinion on this.

    Were you there when this happened?

    Do you even think you know all that happened in this case?

    Have you even heard some of the firsthand eye wittness accounts?

    Do you have or have had more than a few very good friends who were or still are officers of the law?

    The answer to most of the above is most likely PROBABLY NOT, which also means that you almost surely dont have the proper knowledge in this case to really know what happened nor why it took place.

    Keep in mind that this was (and still is) an officer of the law, and contrary to what some believe, even when off duty he is still an officer of the law, and if he or others lives are put in grave danger, then being an officer of the law and having the permission to carry a firearm legally gives him every right to use it if his life is threatened & put in grave danger.

    Are any of you trying to tell me that if you were carrying a gun and had a run in with me and I came barreling back at you with thousands of pounds of steel, you wouldnt use that gun to save your own life!?

    If you're telling me no then sorry but im not buying it.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  18. gordogringo

    HUSKER HAVEN nailed it. The cop is screwed. She is doing time, no doubt...they want her ass...3 duis, kid in the car, weed in her system, road rage...she is done, but the AG finding no sufficient evidence to substantiate a "charge of assault" means he should not have fired his weapon, I hope he loses his badge, deserves a felony too.....idiot. Alot of good cops get a black eye because of overzealous, John Wayne cops....They both were all starts with Silva's drinking, but that cop was an idiot....
  19. Kurt

    Fact - witness said she pulled out in front of him forcing him into changing lanes to avoid collision
    Fact - driving on suspended license
    Fact - driving with the equivalent of about a 12 pack in her system
    Fact - Weed in the car, weed in her system - that would be a drug charge
    Fact - driving on a license suspended for a previous DUI
    Fact - Chick is fugly
    Fact - Silva followed White into a Lowe's parking lot, tailgating his car
    Fact - Silva briefly pulled in front of White's car, blocking it
    Fact - As White began to open his door, Silva drove in reverse. Their side-view mirrors made contact, and the right front side of Silva's Accord hit the left rear of White's car
    Fact - White fired at this point emptying his service weapon

    You can speculate the first, last or all of it but the above was from witnesses, cameras and the 911 calls. If you were a Cop in that position?

    It easily could have been one of us driving the car that nearly rear ended hers with a great chance of killing her boy because she was so hammered she couldn't drive correctly.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2008
  20. MikeyLikesIt

    ya'll will find this as a big surprise, but I have been carefully avoiding the rush to judgement.......

    at first, I thought the cop was overreacting. Yesterday, after hearing the officers side of the story............

    sounds legit to me............especially with what we are finding out about the perp. Officer acted and reacted according to (what I think they should be) training.

    she is done........poor kid(s?).