should i be worried??

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by hooklinelunker, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. hooklinelunker

    National Weather Service Marine Forecast

    possible 14 foot waves... is this effecting Alijos as well?? am i even looking at the right data?? Im leaving tomorrow and i just saw this. thanks for your input.
  2. fishpelagic

    hope not. What boat are you going on
  3. wxdunn

    If you are worried about seasickness, get the patch! Scopalamine works very well but a prescription is required. OTC remedies such as Bonnine or Dramamine have had mixed results in my experience.
    If you are worried about safety...don't be. None of the boats in the fleet would ever sacrifice your safety (or comfort for that matter) for the opportunity to catch more fish. All boats can handle most of what our summer wind and swell sends our way.
    If you are worried about catching fish when the weather is "up" just check out the Indy 8-day report from the end of May. They slayed 'em!
    Fishing "down the coast", the waves won't be quite as large as they are closer to the source (strongest winds). The swells may be up, but that usually doesn't cause as much concern as short period, high amplitude waves. The worst of that 60-250 miles offshore forecast is usually around the headlands of Point Conception or West of 120°W longitude.
    Here is a link to the forecast that covers the lower Baja Coast/Alijos/Revilligigedos:

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    Have a great trip!
  4. stairman

    take the meterologists word for it....chris ,is it gonna be hot in phoenix in july?
  5. yellowtailnsd

    Damn right as im leaving for a 5 day.
  6. hooklinelunker

    thanks guys out the door in 30...
  7. Toro-X


    I was on the Independence 8 day trip 5/22-5/30. The marine forecast for our trip was worse than the current forcast. With the weather, you probably will not do too much prospecting offshore. You will have 2 days of travel south so the ride should be pretty smooth. On the anchor it may get bumpy. It is what it is. We dealt with what mother nature handed us. Fishing was awesome despite the weather. Read my report on this board. You will notice in the background of the photos how the seas were. Go have a good time. Good luck!