Shore fishing East Cape

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by H BuenaVista BR, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. H BuenaVista BR

    Here is a little video that I upload of the Yellowtail we caught from the beach.


    I hope you like it,

    Felipe Valdez
  2. mattbush

    Nice Jurel de Castillo
  3. captainpound

    That's so Cool!!
  4. PezGallo2

    Awesome! Is that a red Cabo Killer? Can't wait till May...hope they're still around.

  5. KWyoming

  6. H BuenaVista BR

    yeap its a red cabo killer
  7. tunanorth

    Jurel en la playa; que bueno!!
  8. Ali Admin

    Good stuff Felipe.

    See you soon amigo.
  9. Smoke12

    Nice Work Felipe, Even though we struck out 2 days ago it was still fun. Went out yesterday and trolled mackeral along the beaches and picked up a nice YT.

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  10. Grand Grouper

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing Felipe.
  11. wahoochaser2003

    Made my day! Thank you!
  12. c sick

    Thats so f'n cool,great catch skipper!!
  13. H BuenaVista BR

    Nice catch Jim, but thats cheating jajaja lets go today. We are leaving at noon. Meet you there if you want.
    Thanks all!
  14. baja kid

    Muchas Gracias Felipe
  15. Thunnus albacar

    Nice job!

    The locals have done well at adapting to the long, surf, casting rod.

    Nice video too!

    Cabo Killer in red eh? Must get one now! Jahnsen and Klassen ( yikes remember Jeff anybody?) pioneered the path, for those who are expanding it today, great to see. Look forward to next time I fish with locals. At least sharing the same section of beach! Salute!