Shogun pic's from 11-18-05 HELL YEAH!

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by TheShark, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. TheShark

    With a report from the wheelhouse.

    Hello Shogun Fans!

    One word describes how the fishing was today compared to our past two days, redemption. The morning started a little slow with a slow pick at the smaller 50 pound class tuna (I like to call them calves) and as Captain Norm moved the boat to the south, we found the area of big fish. The fish have moved a little bit down the line and they are now located. We had steady action for the afternoon getting a fair share of true cows (yellowfin over 200 lbs,) Two of the fish that were boated today taped out to the upper 200's. Again with this trip, every passenger managed to land at least one of these wonderful fish.
    Before I begin to caption today's photos for all of you, I would like to say that I made a mistake. I know it's hard to believe, but crewmembers are human too. In yesterday's photo #2, I accidently wrote in Brad Baron and NOT Brad Golstein, who was the true captor of the fish. Moving on. Today's photos include the real Brad Baron getting an assist from Bruce Smith and a true cow that measured at 74 inches long and a girth of 55 inches. Do the math, it's a good one. The second photo that we have for you is of Jeff Stephans with stupendous fish. Pictures 3 and 4 are action photos of yellowfin. It is hard to guage how big these fish really are with no depth perception in the water. The Shogun will be spending one more day in cow country with hopes of filling up our wells and coming close to the counts we got on our last trip.

    Fair winds and following seas,
    Ethan Waldvogel and crew aboad the Shogun

    Just as an FYI...
    They had 6 over 200 -
    May the Big Fish Gods Smile on our friends today! I can feel it today...
    Make it happen Shogun!
    Be safe
  2. wiredawg

    Sweet I am glad they are getting their shots at the cows. It was just awesome to get a chance to do battle with them. Go get them guys.....

  3. Dos Locos

    By my math, ((55x55)x74)/800= 279.8

    Nice fish Bradley
  4. fishkillerbill

    If I did the math right Brad B's fish should be around 254lbs--way to go Brad
  5. wiredawg

    FYI, that fish is in excess of 255. The second place fish on the 2-12 Nov RRIII trip, taped 52X72 and went 255 on the scales at the dock.
  6. TheShark

    The fish was measured at 285, Per Bruce last night.

    It will be confirmed when they come in. Maybe the crew told him wrong.

    Not sure
  7. jimm

    Hell Ya!
  8. Mstonefish

    285 sounds about right, a pig for sure. Makes Brad look tiny :D

    Great pics, thanks Shelly
  9. Dos Locos

    The formula is
    Girth2 X length/800 = weight

    if the girth is 55 and the length is 74 then it would be............

    ((55x55)x74)/800= 279.8

    either way its a FUCKING HUGE fish and dwarfs anything I've ever caught...............I am in awe.........
  10. Ali Admin


    WTG BRAD!!!!

    That thing is twice his size!
  11. TheShark

    Hell Yeah!!!

    I hope one of them pulls in one over 300 today...
    The Shogun has never had one over 300...
    This is the bunch that could do it - I know they can
  12. Mstonefish

    I know what the formula is, saw that you had already calculated it, then agreed with what Bruce and the crew said around 285lbs. :doh:

    My fish was 74-1/2"x 56" and went 301, so it's very close in size.
  13. c-goat

    WOW!That is a huge fish....gotta be stoked!
  14. bajabaron

    Damn!!!! i am filled with awe, a little jealousy, and pride for my bro!!!!!! He is a fishslaying motherf*cker for sure. Getting close to that magic number of 3 bills!! I know he wanted it pretty bad. I am so stoked. To think he went to Clipperton and Hurricane chasing a fish of that size and he gets it on a 10 day- simply incredible. I hope Reider and David are getting their licks in as well.

    Any info on how / what Brad caught the beast on? Wonder if it was a kite, bait, or chunk fish?????

    Thanks for the updates, Shelly. Pics and all. You rule! :rockin:
  15. TheShark

    No details on how or what...

    If I hear I will let you know :)
  16. skippajack

    Too cool, Hope they are knocking the shit out of them TODAY!!!!!
  17. Surfdoc

    Damn nice fish!!!

    There will no living with the little bitch now.....LOL LOL

    Can't wait to see all these cows on Wensday!


    Glad to hear they found the heard.

    Nice tunafish! :rockin:
  19. TheShark

    Which little bitch?
  20. Saluki

    If that goes over 301 I'm reposessing Mark's Superman bank and giving it to Brad :D