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  1. 35lb flathead

    I am not trying to sale these shirts. I wanted opinions of what you thought of them


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. wheresmypliers

    thats almost as good as the flatliners tee's
  3. 35lb flathead

    27 views and not one opinion? don't worry about hurting my feelings.
  4. Kareem Korn

    Ok, I think their cheezy. Like something in those shopping magazines my grandmaw used to get. I'm sorry, but you asked.
  5. Afry

    Gay, doesn't hit me at all. Sorry, but you asked.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  6. TROB

    agree with guys above. seems like something for your 5 year old nephew.
  7. Capt. G

    Agree with Mr. TROB, X2.
  8. bigal2221

    it looks like something youd see some old dude wear with socks and sandals
  9. Duramax

  10. Derfsondeck

    Sorry bro but these guys are right.Swap meet material.Keep trying.
  11. sealtaco

    Bass Pro Shopish, pretty gay.
  12. nunyabizness1

    If you really want an opinion... I think the design takes up too much room on the shirt; it's all over the place. The message you may be trying to convey is lost and yes, flat. The wording is just way too big, like a flashing billboard and the art work is too basic. Needs some dimension to create an interest.
  13. 35lb flathead

    Thank You all for your truthfulness!
  14. sealskinner

    You might have treble selling those.
  15. Ali Admin

    No Comment.

  16. Gil Marlin

  17. Yellowtail Dan

    I'm surprised you had to ask.:supergay::puff:
  18. the hook

    Is that Bre'r Bass in the briar patch?

    Leave out "the"

    Improve the fonts

    Have the bass attack from below

    Make the shirt available in pink or rainbow.

    Saluki will buy a case of them and hold onto them until they are in style.
  19. elliemay

    Too busy.
  20. 35lb flathead