Shimano Waxwings are Here!

Discussion in 'Sponsors Specials' started by jaydawg77, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. jaydawg77

    Guys, just got our first shipment of Shimano Waxwing Jigs. Free ground shipping when you buy $50 or more of the Waxwing Jigs. Must use coupon code WAXWING at checkout to redeem. PM me with any questions or problems.

    Shimano Waxwing Jigs from Melton International Tackle


  2. kelpbass_kid

    Get on em' guys, the waxwings are a real game changer!
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  4. jaydawg77

    Guys, I'll make a nice chart that outlines the colors.
  5. jaydawg77

    Here is an outline of the colors.

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  6. baloot-boy

    Hey Jason. I sent you a PM. Could you take a look and let me know. Thanks.
  7. Tracym Advertiser


    The response to this has been incredible. JimmyD, 24 Waxwings? You are a madman thanks for that order and let us know how that trip works out...It should ship tomorrow, friday latest.

    Anyone who has not seen these in person, stop by the Melton Tackle Showroom in Anaheim.

    Shimano-waxwing Jigs at Melton Tackle

  8. jaydawg77

    Anthony - PM'd back. Got you covered on the shipping. Thanks!
  9. The Notorious S.U.A.

    jason are these some new kind of verticle jig or is this shimanos version of a surface iron? and whats the deal with the wings?
  10. jaydawg77

    George, errrr Sir Mortimer - they are in fact Shimano's version of a surface iron.
  11. baloot-boy

    Thanks Jason! Cant wait to test these out!
  12. rza007

    Wish they made dark bellied ones or all black :(
  13. jaydawg77

    Alex, I know these things ain't cheap but you could probably hit the bottom of the jig with a black sharpie. I'm always tinkering with my lures.
  14. kelpbass_kid

    A little Background on the waxwings.

    The waxwings are Shimano's latest lure offering. Previous creations, the butterfly jigs and the lucanus jigs, were designed to target the mid and bottom range of the water column, while the new Waxwing was designed to fill the void above. Whether your fishing Calicos in the kelp, Yellows on the outside, or even tuna on the banks, the waxwing will get the job done.

    The wings serve two purposes. The upper wing gives the jig the wide zigzag action which essentially drives fish into a frenzy, while the lower wing acts as a rudder, keeping the jig upright and swimming consistently.

    The jigs currently come in two sizes, the boy and Jr. They are lighter than traditional irons, but because of both their aerodynamic shape, and the lighter gear designed to throw them with, you will find that even the smaller Boy will launch equal or greater distances when compared to a surface iron. They are designed to be tied to straight Power Pro, as this will noticeably increase the "kick".

    All of the colors work, and I have caught fish on most of the above pictured patterns. The "unique" colors such as Bone and Pink/White have caught yellowtail and tuna already.

    Check them out at Meltons, and look for them at your local tackle shop soon. Most retailers will have them within the month, but since Meltons has them now, why not make the drive or place an order. It also looks like Melton's is running some great promotions to go with the baits, so take advantage of them while they last. The waxwings really are amazing, and as I said earlier, they will be a game changer!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions...
  15. jaydawg77

    Thanks Evan. We've had the opportunity to fish these lures throughout most of 2010. I have only lost one on a rock and none in kelp, etc. If anyone wants to climb up on Seal Rock at Catalina, there's a bone colored Shimano Waxwing Jig up there waiting for you!
  16. umoa

    damn evan, ever think of taking billy may's spot?
  17. jaydawg77

    The Awesome Auger is really awesome!
  18. babachu

    Had em on inside Sportfishing and they were killin the calicos
  19. PullinAhi

    I fished with them last weekend at Clemente. Marc Mills gave me a few to try out. Cool lures. The calicos liked them. They are great in the stringers. Had a yellowtail chase it practically to the boat but didn't eat it :(
  20. Jig Strike

    But wait, you also get.....

    These lures also "absolutely drives fish nuts", and the upper wing provides a
    "seductive zigzag motion ... while the lower wing acts as a rudder to prevent rolling"

    At least they aren't over priced, right?

    Black Sharpie included?

    Am I the only person on the planet
    who can see through hyper-spastic ad writing?
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