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Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by mako madness, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. mako madness

    I found a video on youtube with larry dalhberg and he is using a new reel by shimano which it seems like a curado 500 mixed with a trinidad.. here the link its pretty cool

    That reel looks badass! I want one!
  3. samgann93

    Soooooooooooo Sick! i heard they were gonna do a bigger version but this is the first ive seen. Gonna be an amazing reel!
  4. mako madness

    yeah same here, I heard rumors months ago about it, but had not seen or heard anything until now.
  5. FishinElectrician

  6. Calico Killer

    Dahlberg repeatedly calls it a baitcaster, but the fact that the name begins with a
    T suggests that it's a conventional.
    Either way, looks a big too big for my hands.

    Didn't think there was enough of a gap between the EJ and 10A to warrant a
    new design.
    The selling factor must be the burner ratio.
    Oh, and the company name of course.
  7. jock

    I was excited when I heard about the possibility of a Curado 500 coming out around the time that the rumors of the 300EJ were out. The rumors I heard (from a very dependable source) was that it was going to be a little bigger than a 300 with a bigger spool. I thought it would be the shit for hucking big baits in freshwater, but after seeing the video I think I'll just stick to my 300TE.
  8. bajapaddyhopper

    This is actually the selection on next month's "reel of the month" club. Shoot, if Dalhberg uses it then I'm gettin one! So how many candybars do I need to sell?

    As soon as one of the local guys shows it on a vid, all the cool kids will have one too.:rofl:
  9. b-reel

    Insane casting, and looks comfortable too. The all-in-one reel question has now been answered. From calico to yellowtail, to seabass....etc.
    Like it!
  10. riceman1011

    That thing is huge!

    Thanks for the video.
    I'll pass, I don't see a need in any situations that I'm in.
    I'd rather throw the gold Calcutta 300 or a gold TN. Metal.
    They would be better off using that marketing dollar fighting the MLPA.
  12. tsuribakagaijin

    So Shimano finally got around to updating the Bantam 50....
  13. dirtytaco.

    it looks a little big i dont see a need for it.... just remember an all in one reel will work in almost all applications but wont be the best for choice for each situation
  14. Reel_Fishy

    I think it looks very interesting. I can see using it for alot of applications that I enjoy, from burning surface iron, to saltwater popping, to throwing big swimbaits for stripers and LMB. A good capacity levelwind with 43" per crank and 25 lbs of drag.....I like! Please make a lefty version!!
  15. J.AkuHed

  16. Ali Admin

    I think this would be a great reel for popper fishing down south. It would make a great spinning reel alternative IMO with the balls to pull fish from structure.
  17. EZ E

    Everyone that is saying its to big or I dont need one, just wait until a couple of the guys in here get them and you will want one. Yes it may be too big for the spottie guys and it wont cast a 3 in big hammers but it will huck a surface iron, throw a BIG swimbait (meaning 12" and bigger), or poppers on paddies, etc. I know we all love our gold calcuttas and trinadads, but how many times do we put those down after an hour because you cannot feel your arm anymore? I know I do, me personally I would love to have a lighter jig stick, and with Jeremys new 12" punker coming out just think about. I cannot tell you how many times I have almost or had little line left on my 300 after hucking my punker, especially down wind. This is going to be one of the most badass reels in a while IMO. Ill take two fresh out of the oven please. Plus 25lbs of drag, these thing is built beast mode with balls of titaniums.
  18. EZ E

    CALLING EVAN SALVAY we need a team basstic episode on the Tranx please
  19. Flee187

    Looks like it may be a great reel for throwing iron. Load it up spectra and let er fly! No more guiding the line...
  20. J.AkuHed

    Funny you say tha, been using my big level winds for years on local trips and always catch a load of crap for it. Shimano comes out with a big levelwind and all of a sudden its cool!