Shimano Tiagra TI16 & GUSA BEAST

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by asianredneck, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. asianredneck

    PRICE REDUCED! Awesome Condition! Shimano Tiagra TI16 & GUSA BEAST

    TI16 2-Speed reel has 80lb Spectra with 60lb. Top. Barely been used, maybe 3 times, minor boat rash on side, otherwise covered. $25 Shimano cover included. Asking $350

    Like New! Custom Wrapped to match the TI16, This GUSA BEAST is 5'6" of slaying stick. Full roller, X-Mega-Heavy, slow, 60-120lb. w/gimble. Asking $225

    Will sell the set for $500
    Would trade the TI16 for like condition TALICA 8II • 10II • Trinidad 14A

    Pick-up SD only.

    Please call or txt Scot at 619.507.3615

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  2. capn_ron

    Where are you located in San Diego? I'd be interested in checking this set up out for a multi-day trip i'm headed on soon.
  3. oliver.solis

    Sweet Set Up!
  4. asianredneck

    All PM's replied...
  5. asianredneck

    In Sanee, but can meet up... This is a sick multi-day rig, I'm jealous and wish you luck if you get on that trip. 5+ Day trips are just getting started, don't miss this opportunity.., let's make a deal!
  6. asianredneck

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  11. asianredneck

    Will do the complete set-up for $450!!!
  12. changboy

    will you ship? zip 96701

  13. asianredneck

    PM Sent...
  14. asianredneck

  15. skip0ls

    if you're interested, i can offer a trade

    avet hoox2spd with box, caught some fish, in good shape. alan tani rebuilt last winter, and upgraded the handle. it's silver, loaded with 50# spectra to 65# spectra via bimini catspaw bimini (ain't going anywhere).

    rod is a custom calstar 700h acid wrapped green and silver. caught some big fish on this setup in the past, just looking to beef up a hair, for a different thing i'm trying out here on the east coast.
  16. asianredneck

    Thanks for the offer Mason, I have posted this set-up on ebay as of Wednesday, so I will have to wait and see what happens.