Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500PG

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by saltysurfman, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. saltysurfman

    I am seriously considering the Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500PG for the local bottom fishing on the east coast, mainly blackfish. I have read that there was a spool lock feature on the older models of this reel, but have been unable to find anything on the presence of this feature on the newer model. Its not a deal breaker if it does not have it, but it would sure be nice to be able to lock the spool when trying to break out of a wreck.

    Does anybody have one of the new ones and can you let me know if the spool lock is available?

    Thanks guys
  2. Grmanrocks

    did a google on your behalf and located this photo. according to they have the spool lock, and the photo shows the mech pretty clearly.

    having owned the USDM 10A i found it a beast. I landed 50lb fish on that little bastard child without a hiccup.

    i know you guys back east like the star drag for wreck fishing but look into the SXJ. its smaller than the jigger. but a lever drag and some people can never get over that. i will say that i do alot of rock knocking and prefer the SXJ over the trini, i wound up with two SXJ's and no longer have the 10A if that says anything.....

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  3. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    I have one of the older ones (1500P), (and grew up pin hooking tog), and while it makes a great tog real with the lower gear ratio than the trinidads I still wouldn't get another one, reason being you can't get it serviced in the U.S. I still haven't found anyone that will even just service mine and I live 10 minutes from the Shimano office out here in California.

    Better to get something you can get fixed for that price.
  4. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    Totally agree with that recommendations. I love lever drags for blackfishing. Here is why... Obviously you want your drags cranked when you set up on a fish to get him out of the hard bottom. When you have a big tog once you get him out of the bottom and coming your way their is usually another big run in him. I like to fish the drag over strike when i'm setting up on the fish then when I get him half way up I dropped the drag to strike. I lost a lot of double digit fish from broken hooks, pulled hooks, broken lines on that second run. It's nice to have the option of backing off once you get up in the water column.
  5. saltysurfman

    I looked all over and couldn't find a clear picture of the left side plate to see if the lock was on there. Thank you so much for posting that. I was not able to find it on the plat website either which is where I am going to order from.

    I appreciate the additional recommendation as well. I actually did try an Avet blackfishing and codfishing for part of a season and had a lot of problems with it. I eventually wound up going to an old Saltist 20. For some reason, the Avets just don't seem to hold up to the abuse we put on them in the NE all that well. I fished an MXJ that I no longer own and just this season I watched 3 SXs completely seize up, 2 on the same trip. Do you do anything special to your Avets for bottom fishing?

    I thought the same thing about the lever drags and being able to back off after the fish is out of the piece so that is why I tried it out. I always started with the star locked and then backed off on the star a few clicks after I got about 20 cranks on the fish. I also tried the Saltist 20LD this season and it didn't last 3 trips. Great size and had enough power, but the drag is giving me tons of problems. In order for the reel to go back into freespool I have to really push the spool to the left to get it to disengage from the drag plate. Now I can't even get the spool to come out of the body to try and fix it.

    These issues are what lead me to the Ocea Jigger, that and the fact that Daiwa discontinued the Saltiga 15 and 20. I don't mind doing the service myself as I do that on most of my reels. Just hoping I don't need to order replacement parts, but I think I am going to get an extra set of gears and drag washers if I order the reel.

    Thanks again for all the help guys.
  6. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    Totally true on the SX... I have to replace the bearings at least twice a year on mine but at $159 I guess that doesn't bother me.

    If you want to spend big bucks on a Japanese reel I would suggest the JM PE4.
  7. Grmanrocks

    The avets ship out with pretty worthless bearings. The sx in particular has issues with the handle side bearings getting rough. It only takes me a couple months to wear through the stock bearings. Theres a couple options that can make a huge difference as far as longevity and smoothness.

    1. The best option would be to replace the stock bearings with Abec 5 "econo" bearings from Boca. I would do the non-spool bearings with a tight grease pack and run the spool bearings open and lightly lubed.

    2. Another option is to keep the stock bearings but pull and flush the non-spool bearings and pack them tight with a good quality grease. Yamaha marine blue grease is good stuff. If you go this route consider flushing and lubing the spiil bearings with something like quantum's Hot Sauce product, or corrosion-x. A drop in each bearing is enough. Ive gone this route on my go to reels that get fished 3-4 times a week.

    The avets are great, i use them for anything that i cant catch on my d series curados. The bearings are a weak spot and so is the clicker assembly but with a little work theyre killer machines. I enjoy the work i do to them and my other reels the same way i enjoy working on the engine that takes me fishing, the better i understand the mechanical aspects the better suited i am to deal with a failure when it arises.
  8. Grmanrocks

    not to over complicate things but there is another option all together...

    your tog is alot like our sheepshead in behavior, diet and fighting ability and for that kind of fishing up to about 200 feet i find myself grabbing this combo out of the rack more than anything else....

    its a Curado 300DSV with the power handle from the Calcutta LJV. I managed to get 250ish yards of 20lb fireline (ABS of nearly 40lbs) on the spool, more than enough line for working deep structure.

    i had the handle recessed to provide significantly more thread hold than stock and added a spacer to make up for the shaft sizes being different on the curado and the calcutta. also did a greased carbontex upgrade at the same time and pull an easy 10lbs of drag at a healthy lock.

    i have it paired with an older 8' tescata rod that handles 6oz of lead well and have caught some nice goats on the combo as well as some better grade rockfish.

    just something else to consider. the thumbbar is nice for keeping in touch with the bottom and the big ass handle makes cranking beasties up a blast. not to mention the small profile that makes palming easy for my small hands. i did a 200DHSV with the same upgrades and like it even better for shallower work with 10lb fireline


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  9. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    I just got in quite the argument with someone about sheepshead and tog being similar .. they are both wrasse..they both eat Moulusks that is where the similarities end.

    I've broken plenty off on 60lb... so I wouldn't personally go that small for ocean toggin, but to your point that above set-up would be amazing for the early season bite when they are up in shallow water.

    Great recommendations on the SX's. I also think they used to have different bearings my first generation SX's to this day have no issues what so ever while all of my newer ones i've bought in the last 5 years do.
  10. tunanorth

    Since the price does not seem to be an issue here, another choice to consider might be the Penn Torque series, either the 12 or 15 size in either the star drag or lever-drag 2-speed versions.
    Neither has a "spool lock" feature, but the TRQ12 or TRQ15 star drags have 25 pounds of drag, and optional available gear sets to allow 6-1, 5.4-1 or 4.8-1 gear ratios as you see fit.
    All the usual advantages of a star drag vs. a lever drag for bottom fishing.
    If you decide you want to go lever-drag, the TRQ15LD2 is 6-1 high/2.8-1 low, max drag 20 pounds [no 12 size available in the LD].
    Penn's 15-size reels hold about 300 yards of 15-pound mono or 50-pound braid.
  11. saltysurfman

    That's a pretty sweet set-up you got there Grmanrocks. I am not sure I would trust that on a big chin in deep structure though. As Northeastfshman stated, that would probably be great setup for when the fish are shallow in the beginning of the fall. I have a similar set-up that I have used fishing in less that 20' of water with a Daiwa Exceller that is great for the smaller fish, but I would be a little worried with anything over say 6# on it. I just don't think the smaller low profile reels have the gearing for it.

    I will definitely check out the upgraded bearings for the Avets though. I do have some friends that still use them and replace the bearings multiple times throughout the year. How frequently do you have to change the upgraded Boca bearings?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I will have to do some more research and see exactly which direction I am heading in for this reel. The rod is already built so I may bring it to a tackle shop with a large inventory and start playing around with the stock and see what fits better. I think the JM is a little much for blackfish with the T-Bar handle and the more I have been running this through my head, I have had so many problems with the little lever drags and losing fishing time trying to fix them that I am hesitant to get another one. The Penns seems nice from the little exposure I have had with them also. I have lots of great choices to look into now.

    Luckily I was able to find a Saltiga 20 the other day so I am set with two good reels now and with the recreational blackfish season almost 6 months away I have some time to figure out the third.

    Thanks again for all the help guys! It is truly appreciated and its also nice to have an intelligent conversation about tackle without the "this reel is best because" answers that you get on other sites.
  12. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    Good suggestion ... The 4.8:1 is Key.