Shimano Curado's & Waxwings for Yellowtails

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by heatmiser, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. heatmiser

    I have a few Curado's that I use mainly for bassing and an occasional yellowtail. The drags seem to fade rather quickly when connected to a moderate size YT. I have bought some of the Waxwing jigs and want to throw them at boiling yellowtails. I would ideally like to use my Curado but am open to any other suggestions. Can I boost the drag of the Curado so it can deal with larger sized yellowtails using staight 40lb braid? The key is being easy to cast the light weight Waxwings. I can hurl them with my Curado.
  2. Lone Shark

    my drag in my curado fried with the first salmon I caught last week
  3. whitefish

    a Carbontex drag upgrade will fix your problem.....The stock dartanium drags suck...I don't even wait for them to fail...the last two 300's I bought the carbontex upgrades were bought at the same time and installed before their first trip.
  4. dennykrb

    Jeff,,,the new curado 300 EJ has carbon fiber drags in them so why not trying them. Maybe you could get them from Shimano,,
  5. whitefish

    I don't see anywhere where it says carbon fiber drags in the 300EJ....I looked at one at Seaforth last does have a higher gear ratio of 6.9 and a power handle....That reel is supposed to be designed for tossing the waxwings.
  6. apcrew45

    Why not a Torium 14 w/ carbontex drags. Sure its not no baitcaster but its small and lightweight. One of my favorite reels and I have caught everything from seabass, to jello tail with one.
  7. dennykrb

    I took mine apart after a 9-day trip to Cedros and Alijos...Serviced it myself....I really liked the 6.9 gear ratio for the MC Slugs calico fishing. Talked to the Shimano guys about the new drags in them. Smooth.
  8. forefrazier

    Just took my Curado 300E-J mounted to a Seeker 809 out for the local tuna last weekend. Landed two YFT to 30lbs. Flawless operation and fun too!
  9. dennykrb

    Jeff....Perfect....same setup I use for the calicos and yellows with the rubber at Cedros....also on the tuna too,,either bait or plastics on the slide. works for me. D
  10. mitchman

    Are you guys tying direct to the waxwing jig's eye?