Shelf Life of Fluorocarbon?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Clam_Digger, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Clam_Digger

    I just got back from a fishing trip that had a Seaguar rep on board. The Seaguar rep said that fluorocarbon has an unlimited shelf life. In the past, I had already heard that fluoro had a one year shelf life, like mono. Which is correct? It would be great to not have to replace the expensive mono every year.
  2. nefarious235

    If you go fishin fer one trip a year..... your good to go.....fer one hole year
    :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb:otherwise learn to topshot. Fishin not cheap, time on water short, hate to lose that quality feesh fer ol" line departures
  3. jcook

    Fred Hall show stock up, I get enough to last the whole year or close to it.
  4. Clam_Digger

    I did some additional investigation, and emailed some fluorocarbon manufacturers to ask them their opinions. Here's what they said:

    Your question is not easy to answer. It is always depending on the fishing conditions and how often you will go fishing in one year. Generally speaking the Fluorocarbon line can remain longer on your reel than a Polyamid monofilament as the UV protection of Fluorocarbon is higher. In other words, a Fluorocarbon line is not ageing that fast as a Polyamid monofilament.

    Coming back to your question we can say that you do not have to replace a Fluorocarbon line that often like a Polyamid monofilament line. So when there is no damage on the surface of the Fluorocarbon line from stones, rocks, etc. you can still use it without qualification

    The durability of Fluorocarbon is extremely high. Compared to a Polyamid monofilament the FC durability is several times longer. The main reasons for that character are the following:
    • Fluorocarbons are resistent against UV rays. Due to that they are not weakened by sunlight.
    • Fluorocarbons are resistant against most acids.

    The shelf life of fluorocarbon is 7-8 years.

    Fluorocarbon has a longer shelf life than nylon mono line. For best results our factory recommends that you use the product within three years of date of purchase.

    Both Fluorocarbon and Mono will last several years, if kept in a cool, dark place. If you live in an area that has high humidity, it may last a little longer. Conversely, in areas of the country that have low humidity the line tends to dry out faster. I would do a simple "hand pull" break test to insure that the strength of the line meets your expectations.

    So, it sounds like the fluorocarbon might be good for longer than one year, as I (and my wallet) had hoped.
  5. Afry

    Good to know
  6. Swarthy Dago

    seems like Maxima didn't even really answer the question, which I thought was "shelflife", not reel life (which can't be answered because of the many variables. If you get a pair of magnifier goggles and look close at flouro and you see cracks, dump it.
  7. spike

    Great info, thanks for sharing.