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  1. ReconDoc242

    Alright so here is the deal. I just got a new boat(THANKS TO THE ADVICE FROM THE MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM!) and my daughter wants to go shark fishing(catch and release of course). Only problem is that I have no freaking idea how to do it. I have a decent boat that can take me out to sea safely. I will be launching out of Oceanside, were can i go to try my luck at sharks. What is the best time to fish for Makos, blues, or threshers? I am not looking for secret spots or anything like that, I just want some advice of were and how to fish for sharks.PLEASE HELP!

    When I first read your post I was worried that maybe you should take the daughter fishing for something smaller like a bass and get to know your new boat a little better. And I still do. If you say you are 25 then how old is your daughter????? Can she help you out on the boat or is she going to be in a car seat??? SAFETY FIRST

    Carlsbad canyon would be alikely spot for shark though
  3. tylerderdan

    Safety is the most important thing when going after sharks. I don't know your situation, but I would seriously consider what Sea ration said. Sharks are totally unpredictable. Whatever you decide, have fun & be safe.

    Carlsbad canyon is a good spot though, i agree
  4. ReconDoc242

    My daughter is 7 and she will be in the car seat mostly. Also she will not be the only one on board. I will also have my brothern in law, wife(Corpsman) and brother(SF Medic) on board with me. As far as experience handling boats, I have not owned one before but I had my fair share of time piloting many boats while in the navy including zodiacs and ribs and was a certified OTH coxain with Marine Recon for a few years. I am not saying I am an expert skipper, but I feel confident I can pilot the boat. Also my brother in law is an ex-SWCC guy so he can take over if needed. Mostly she would just like to see a shark(she loves sharks). So once I get to Carlsbad what conditions do I look for? What type of bait should I use? Thanks for your help
  5. ReconDoc242

    I totally agree, safety is key...afterall I am a former corpsman. That why I will not be landing the sharks. I just want to bring them close enough to the boat so that my daughter can see them and she can snap a few pics.
  6. Special Ed

    Hey Doc, you should drag the sand off of Red Beach with squid or thawed deans for smoothhounds. :rofl:

    Seriouisly though, call Helgren's and find out when they are doing their shark trips..... then just poach their chum line! HAHA Fuck those guys.
  7. KC Kevin


    I am relatively new at shark fishing but be aware, Makos and Threshers are two of the most common species we catch off the SD/OC coast. They are both known for jumping. Jumping high. After being hooked. That means that if not handled right, they could land in your boat.

    Here's a pretty good article on sharking and there's been several threads on this topic on the board.

    I recommend taking somebody along with experience in sharking the first few times.
  8. KC Kevin

  9. ReconDoc242

    Ed, thats not a bad idea.....
    lets go fishing sometime dude, no need to skiff it!

    Kevin, thanks for the articles.
  10. Fishing Addict

    I would recommend that you take a experienced shark fisherman with you to show you the ropes. The safest way I know.

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