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Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by ReconDoc242, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. ReconDoc242

    Alright so here is the deal. I just got a new boat(THANKS TO THE ADVICE FROM THE MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM!) and my daughter wants to go shark fishing(catch and release of course). Only problem is that I have no freaking idea how to do it. I have a decent boat that can take me out to sea safely. I will be launching out of Oceanside, were can i go to try my luck at sharks. What is the best time to fish for Makos, blues, or threshers? I am not looking for secret spots or anything like that, I just want some advice of were and how to fish for sharks.PLEASE HELP!

    When I first read your post I was worried that maybe you should take the daughter fishing for something smaller like a bass and get to know your new boat a little better. And I still do. If you say you are 25 then how old is your daughter????? Can she help you out on the boat or is she going to be in a car seat??? SAFETY FIRST

    Carlsbad canyon would be alikely spot for shark though
  3. tylerderdan

    Safety is the most important thing when going after sharks. I don't know your situation, but I would seriously consider what Sea ration said. Sharks are totally unpredictable. Whatever you decide, have fun & be safe.

    Carlsbad canyon is a good spot though, i agree
  4. ReconDoc242

    My daughter is 7 and she will be in the car seat mostly. Also she will not be the only one on board. I will also have my brothern in law, wife(Corpsman) and brother(SF Medic) on board with me. As far as experience handling boats, I have not owned one before but I had my fair share of time piloting many boats while in the navy including zodiacs and ribs and was a certified OTH coxain with Marine Recon for a few years. I am not saying I am an expert skipper, but I feel confident I can pilot the boat. Also my brother in law is an ex-SWCC guy so he can take over if needed. Mostly she would just like to see a shark(she loves sharks). So once I get to Carlsbad what conditions do I look for? What type of bait should I use? Thanks for your help
  5. ReconDoc242

    I totally agree, safety is key...afterall I am a former corpsman. That why I will not be landing the sharks. I just want to bring them close enough to the boat so that my daughter can see them and she can snap a few pics.
  6. Special Ed

    Hey Doc, you should drag the sand off of Red Beach with squid or thawed deans for smoothhounds. :rofl:

    Seriouisly though, call Helgren's and find out when they are doing their shark trips..... then just poach their chum line! HAHA Fuck those guys.
  7. KC Kevin


    I am relatively new at shark fishing but be aware, Makos and Threshers are two of the most common species we catch off the SD/OC coast. They are both known for jumping. Jumping high. After being hooked. That means that if not handled right, they could land in your boat.

    Here's a pretty good article on sharking and there's been several threads on this topic on the board.

    I recommend taking somebody along with experience in sharking the first few times.
  8. KC Kevin

  9. ReconDoc242

    Ed, thats not a bad idea.....
    lets go fishing sometime dude, no need to skiff it!

    Kevin, thanks for the articles.
  10. Fishing Addict

    I would recommend that you take a experienced shark fisherman with you to show you the ropes. The safest way I know.
  11. tylerderdan

    I just started fishing sharks this last year, but ended up on the water every weekend but one fishing for them. I honestly think having someone onboard who has experience is the safest thing to do, and will increase your odds. From first hand experience, they jump when hooked. We had a 5 ft mako jump about 4 ft in back of the transom after taking a run right back toward the boat.
    If you do make the trip, be sure you have the proper tools to release the shark safely. Good leather gloves to hold the steel leader, but do not wrap it up your hand. Some good cutters or bolt cutters to cut the leader on the first shot.
    Even if you have to cut the cable at a longer length, make sure you do it safely.
    The best tool is a hook degorger if there is one available.
    Always release a shark from the side of the boat with the boat in gear and moving forward at idle and someone at the helm.
    With the boat moving forward this keep the shark plained out and keep it from coming into the boat. The moment the wire is cut or the hook is degorged, put the back into neutral and watch it swim away.
    The last thing is safety, your safety and that of your passengers comes before the shark. If the shark has to be killed, it happens.

    If you go or don't go, I hope that helps. Good luck and be safe. I will be out in La jolla on Sat. on Ch. 72. I might slip over to carlsbad canyon for awhile!
  12. plattas son

    My dad and i went out last year and caught a nice size thresher...but it was an adventure.The thing jumped off the front of our boat like 3 times. Kinda scary.
    when we finally got it to the boat, we dragged it only for about ten minutes thinking it was dead. We brought the thing in the boat alive and it went wild.

    You would definantly wanna be careful with those things and have someone with you who knows how to handle them.

  13. Neill

    Safety is key, be careful....

    You never know what size shark is going to pick up the bait or lure....big ones can put the hurt on you and your tackle...

    Also fishing for Mako's and Threshers require different types of fishing, so you need to decide what your looking for...

  15. ConSeaMate

    I use the chum buckets at Anglers Choice....I don't know where else to get them.Drill a bunch of holes in the bucket....wait about an hour....and bendo!.....I go out west of Mission about 900 ft of water.....BE VERY CAREFUL.....they are very powerful ....even the 3 footers!.....Good Luck!
  16. neversink2

    Thanks Kev... that was good reading. I've always been a fan of the decapitation method before the shark comes onboard.
  17. ReconDoc242

    Anello, just let me know when an were and i'm there bro...well as long as i'm not working. But I agree, i think going out with an experienced shark fisherman will be the key. Any old vets up for taking a newby out?
  18. barracudabreath

    Jesus H. Christ! You're in Recon! Man-up and go shark fishing! See my avatar? Thats off of Oceanside. We don't chum. We troll with bait-o-matics, or heavy sinkers with large plastic skirts, a couple of stainless hooks, and a fresh, lively mackeral. All on 275# wire. We use 4/0 reels with 40# line and a sturdy 40-60# rod. And we have a blast! Talk about your poor man's swordfishing! The problem with Oceanside is the area is full of young, pup makos. You'll have to go through several fish before you find one big enough to feel comfortable about killing. And, in all honestly, it is pretty serious fishing considering what could happen if the fish got agressive. You only have to look down into a mako's tooth filled mouth once to gain its respect. Chumming brings in too many blues. But blues are fun to catch also. If you don't mind which type of shark you are catching chum them all to the boat and use heavy mono and a light wire hook for easy releasing. Good luck. I'll think of you for a buddy boating, shark trip this summer. Good Luck. Reeeeee-connnnn!
  19. ReconDoc242

    was in recon now i am a civilian. but you know what they say you can take the operator out of the team but you can never take team out of the operator. HooyaH!
    Were is a good place to pick up bait-o-matics in north county?
  20. Az.monkey

    Try the BDtacklestore online right here on good ol' bloodydecks.
    and if you like shoot me a pm as i have a book or 2 that you can borrow that might help with your questions , or I'll just take your ass out on a trip :)