Shallow water Kings in NZ

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by Bigger Vigor, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Bigger Vigor

    A family weekend was planned and I was determined to squeeze a Kingi out of the trip as, I was starting to sulk after the last couple of trips where my crew ( Mozza) were getting all the Kingi's and I was driving the Gaff end of things....and the Boat.
    We rendevous'd with The In Laws in BoN Accord for the night and I got an early nights sleep. Saturday morning I rose at sparrow fart, cast off from the mothership and headed out from the shelter of Kawau.
    I was headed for the battlegrounds where MOzz and Myself had been dealt to by Kingis a few weeks earlier. Mozz however did sort one really nice Kingi out on that occasion and I was dead keen to redeem some pride afterbeing severely beaten by a Kingi on that occassion.
    In short order I loaded two X large Ky's ( Kahawhai) ( 2 Kg + Jobbies). I was still headed out towards Flat rock when , My instincts started screaming and I thankfully paid heed to them and swung RV around and soon I dropped the pick off a reef in 11 M of water.
    Not long after I had Two very nervous KY's under Balloons and set about throwing a Popper to aleviate the tedium.
    Ten Minutes later and the Penn senator 6/0 began to growl with increasing intensity and I chucked the Popper setup down like a hot poker and was beside the senator 6/0. I flicked the ratchet off and saw I was one red balloon shy of a full house. I had the rod in freespool and was quivering with excitement as I felt My livey get picked up again and the predator begin to move off with Gathering momentum.
    "Stay calm boy !!!, ...breath !!!...Thats Now 5 seconds ...5 More and Pump him..!!!
    Eternity passes... , clutch engaged ...keep rod flat until fish pulls up tight on the Mono and "Whack...!!! ..Solid strike and the beast takes off making me spread my feet to keep my balance.
    His strength catches me by surprise , But I am rejoicing and 5h!TT1ng myself all at the same time. Because I am solo , anchored in very shallow water and cannot allow this creature anywhere near the Kelp.
    I had cranked up the drag earlier and so put my back into this bugger. But he gave as good as he was getting and I had not put my "Bucket" on . My stomach was taking a pounding .
    I managed to crank him up about 5 M and stuck the rod in a Holder , grabbed and donned my Bucket in 2 seconds flat and once the rod was in the bucket pain was no longer a factor.
    I got the gaff out between pumping and winding. Now I was set.
    It was overcast and I still could not see colour although the fish was now only a few metres below red Vigor. Then I saw a brown fin moving at the same pace as the line , then the fish took several metres of taught Mono and I lost sight of it.
    By now I was out of breath praying this was no friggin Bronzie...
    A few more pump and winds with my 8 ft standup , and I had him visual.
    A Nice Kingi gliding down below your boat is enough to take any fishermans breath away, no matter how long you have been at it.This was no exception. What a Beaut... You'd better not duff the Gaff shot , you are on your own mate.Dont cock it up in haste...wait for the shot...
    Soon I had the swivel at the rod tip , and with the left arm guided him towards the waiting right, armed with a Gaff. As He Looked up and arched his head away so as to head for the bottom again , the Gaff struck him just behind the pectoral and I knew He was Mine.....
    Yes My turn again...!!!
  2. barracuda Killer

    You'd better not duff the Gaff shot , you are on your own mate.Dont cock it up in haste...wait for the shot...:eek:

    everytime I duff the gaff shot, I've cocked it up in haste like a MFer.
    I feel you on that oneLOL

    WTG Nice toad
  3. Ali Admin


    Nice Yeller!

    Please keep the reports and pics coming mate!

    awesome fish dude!
  5. Kingfish

    Alot of filets out of that one mate...........good job !
  6. WreckinBall

    Good read and great yellowtail, Gavin. Well done. :appl:
  7. Orca

    Nice Kingie and on an eight footer too.:cheers: Where were you fishing? BoN??
  8. sealskinner

    Nice Kingi.
  9. aclemieux

    Damn, look at that slab. Nice fish.
  10. spike

    short and stubby yellow reminds me of ..................well i cant hit the bottom of a tuna can but i can sure put dents in the side of it....

    all in all great catch
  11. mozza

    I seem to recall you giving me crap when I asked for the gimbal belt when I was connected to that similar sized fish. something about harden up and pussy come to mind.
    With your boat gone for 6 weeks lets take mine back to the reef.
    after all it only costs me $10 gas:beerbang:
  12. Bigger Vigor

    Anytime Mike

    Give me a call....I can always polish RV on Sunday.....
  13. Az.monkey

    Great report and pic Gavin. Thanks for sharing mate :chestram2 :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: