Seward -Fish House Charters?

Discussion in 'Alaska & British Columbia Fishing Reports Forum' started by PheasantHunter, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. PheasantHunter

    I tried to book with Cracker Jack and Pro Fish N Sea in Seward but they are full on the dates that work for me. The Fish House has openings, anyone fish with them? You can PM me if that is easier. Before I drop my money I would like to know if they are worth it.
  2. Ali Admin

    Ask crackerjack or profish for a referral.

    They won't steer you wrong.
  3. Crackerjack Advertiser

    The Fish House has some very good boats, but I would make sure you are fishing on one of "their" boats and not a subcontracted boat. They have good equipment and several captains that have been around for many years. The subcontracted boats can be hit or miss depending on the boat they put you on. This early in the season, you are virtually assured of a good boat. They definitely try to send out their boats first, but when you book at the last minute in the middle of the summer, they will put you on any charter boat that has space, that meets their criteria - safe, insured, experienced captain....
  4. Svajda

    Andy, is Jimmy Akana still running a boat for Fish House?