Septsix,LJ andthenine

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Bukowski, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Bukowski

    Afternoon bite at the 9, theysay, so sleep in, buy bait head out at 9:30. Wow, three foot windwaves and mixed up, so lets hit LJ for a couple hours then run out at a better angle. Slow troll dines, finally nail a pair of yellows ten minutes apart at 11:30. Kinda mid LJ, 85 feet, off marine st I guess.15 lbs or so. OK well lets run to the 9. Not too bad, only airborne once doin 25 nots. Get set up to troll for tuna and or marlin. Jon spies a big ass smelt in with the bait,gonna use it to bait a marlin if we see one, he says. You mean like that one right there, I say. Must be our lucky day. About a hundred pounder. I cut in front Jon sends our little buddy back to play, and the marlin speeds up to the bait, does a circle around it, and sinks out. Oh well. We troll half way home for nada. Then pick up and run cross swell and wind. Not fun. I've been drier standing in the shower. Anybody notice the clouds of red in the water offshore? We stopped and netted some, its millions of little shrimp a half inch long. Trippy, we saw a whale, looked like he was eating them. Enjoy the photo, don't be jealous, I'm just really fortunate.

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  2. Troy

    Nice yellows. Windy today.

    Thanks for the report.
  3. Cartero

    Those are some nice looking fish. It looks like you captured one of those 1/2 inch long little shrimp in your photo.:supergay::puff:barf:rofl:
  4. cologello

    thats fukn funny i dont care who u r thats funny right there
  5. queenfish

    The "clouds of red" that you're seeing in the water are Crill.
    Tuna love it as do birds,anchovy, squid, bonito, whales, sharks.
    I caught a Bonito today trolling through some krill and when I cleaned him up for the BBQ he was plugged with crill, squid and anchovey.
  6. Bank Robber

    Did you jerk off on those fish??
  7. c-goat

  8. Bukowski

    Yes sir, I thought some of you may enjoy my funny bone, so to speak. Think I'll make the front page?
  9. watch-n-learn

    another member of the ski family?
  10. mongo75

    WTF !?!?!
  11. ConSeaMate

  12. Bukowski

    Don't be scared, or scarred, it's just my thumb.

    I still laugh out loud when I look at that pic.
  13. Gil Marlin

    Your thumb offends me...

  14. dorado50

    Your fish are very small, nothing to brag about at all. Even your thumb is pitiful... Give us a report when you catch some real fish dude..:idiot:
  15. Bukowski

    Dave, let me slow it down for you. The remark in the post about " don't be jealous, I'm just fortunate." Thats actually a sly reference to the comical pud like appendage which appears in the photo. Were you bummed out when you found out it was just my thumb? Why the attitude? Just wanted to share a chuckle, thats all. Not really braggin' on the fish, although they fought hard and tasted good, not sure what a real fish is.