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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by kml, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. kml

    I’m going on a Late Sept, Early Oct 7 day trip. My longest trip to date. I think I’m pretty well covered on most the bases as far as rod reel combos goes.

    Planning on taking the following........

    Penn 525 mag / calstar 270 / 20#
    Newell 332 / Seeker 270H-8 / 25#
    Avet MXL ( 2 speed ) / Seeker black steel 6470 / 30#
    Avet JX ( 2 speed ) / Calstar 700MH / 40#
    Avet LX ( 2 speed ) / Calstar 865XH / 40#
    Avet HX / Calstar 700H / 50#
    Avet 30/2 / Calstar 765M / 60#

    Planning on short 25’ or 50’ Basil topshots of blackwater flouro, loop to loop connections, maybe a bit longer on the LX.

    I’ve got Torium 20’s w/ beefed up drag plates as back up 30# & 40# reels

    My questions are as follows,

    1.) Does this seem like an adequate arsenal ?? Too much ?? Too Little ??

    2.) Would I be better off using the LX for 50#, the HX for 60#, & 30/2 for 80#?? ( Ive got a Calstar 760M for 80# ) I know there is mixed reviews about the LX as a 50# reel.

    3.) Lots of talk about connections on the boards, would Loop to loop connections be adequate for 20# - 60# bait fishing ?? Is there another connection that you would reccomend ??

    Most likely going to Gaudalupe where the bite can be touchy...... I’m hoping 40# would be the "go to" rods, thinking it is best to have 2 ready to go.

    the MXL / 30# on the 6470 as a "stealth" rod that can be pulled on real "hard" for when / if the bite gets scratchy ( after I hopefully have a couple in the RSW )

    50# if they start biting good & 60, or 80 most likely would be mostly sitting in the rack other than dropper loop??

    Chances of wahoo are slim, I could use the JX & HX if we do find some........( hopefully but doubtful )

    Thinking about a 9’ jig stick too w/ a torium 20, or maybe a Newell 533, & also thinking about another HX to desginate to 60#. However the funds might be best spent on surcharges / tip / fish processing.

    Thanks in advance, Kyle
  2. MikeyLikesIt

    ding ding ding! We have a winner! actually, I would have 3.....and a couple of 50#.

    the 'Lupe is usually a "pick bite".....meaning a long bait presentation is key.

    looking at your list, I think you got it covered. However, (ahem), not sure if that trip will see 'Lupe ....unless its going full speed. We ride, this will be my 3rd year, a late june 8 day, so we will be watching for your report "with baited breathe".....whatever that means.

    last year, I used mostly my MXL 2 speed for the mostly 40# tunnies.....this year, I bought a SX 6/4 for those little guys.......but that is for the October trip.

    I use LTL (loop to loop) on everything over 40. 40 and below, I like to straight tie with the uni-uni or just run the floro up and 1 single overhand knot with some adhesive.......or just mono.

    good luck Amigo! :D
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  3. marlyn

    Last year i fished 40 99% of the time with 30 on an mxl occasionally.I would definitely have like a 90j with a newell 533 for surface iron and something with 50 or 60 for yo-yo iron(can also be your dropper loop stick),ALOT of fish fall to the iron when the bite is good!Bait is great in a pick bite but when they are on the chew feed em the iron on a rope.
  4. Johnny J

    Looks like the right list. Still bring the whoo gear. 7 day should see the rocks. The Vag last year on the Sept-Oct trip had whoo for all. This year it's Sept 27th to Oct 4th
  5. kml

    I was assuming that the Lupe would be the destination based on the reports from the same trip last year. I know every season is different but hadn't even considered The Rocks. Now that would be cool !!

    Question, approx how much rail time would a 7 day trip running to Alijos actually get ??

    Thanks !!
  6. fatbass

    Was on the Royal Star 7 day last year during the end of Sept. early Oct. and we fished lupe the whole time except for one day patty hopping. Tim said the rocks were too crowded. Great time of year to go. Chad
  7. fatbass

    About 2-2 1/2 days at the rocks, and maybe part of another at Cedros or offshore on the way back.
  8. chuwbaca

    Make sure to have an 80# outfit. If you do go to the rocks and the bigger tuna are around 75-125, you will need that outfit. Plus it is a good rig for dropper loop fishing for those big yellows. Give you the fighting chance to get them out of the rocks.
  9. Tunacolada

    I would maybe jump up in size so you can bring 2 40's and 2 50's. Maybe set-up one of those for Wahoo. You may only get one shot at them. Definitely would have the 80lb set-up for dropper/trolling or kite even. The yellows on the dropper-loop are nasty. You need to get those bastards away from the rocks in a hurry!!! Might be the fish of a lifetime, so heavier line is always a good call.
    Good luck, Tony
  10. Steve K

    Just a theory, but see if it makes sense to you. Wahoo are as Andy Cates was once heard to say, "curious" and when they position the boat, drop the hook and slide back, sometimes the first bait in the water gets "hooed." Happened to a friend of mine two or three times at Lupe on a late Summer / early Fall fiver. So, since it usually takes some time for the tuna to gather behind the boat in the chumline, try tossing your first couple of baits on a wire leader. Or, you could throw bombs and jigs a few times. Might be your best shot at a Wahoo.

    I'm on an 8 day myself in October, and plan to do just that if we go to either Lupe or the Stones.