Selling all my dive gear

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by GUERO, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. GUERO

    My ears have decided to betray me and my diving career is over. Selling all my gear. prices are OBO

    Oceanic OC1 Wireless Dive computer watch. Brand new $1300

    Knighthawk BCD XXL $400 brand new

    Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator $600 brand new

    Dui weight belt system $80. Brand new, no lead

    UK C8 Led light.Brand new $125

    all brand new, never used

    in San Diego, pick up only, no shipping
  2. GUERO

    stuff I would be willing to trade for:

    GoPro HD
    12 gauge semi auto shotgun
    1911 handgun
  3. Slater

    Like I said yesterday, that totally sucks!
    To soon for a bump?
    ScubaBoard has a California section, wouldnt hurt to post there too...
  4. GUERO

    I know man, but whatever, you need a tank or lead? its yours if you want?
  5. white box121

    Remington R1 1911 45 ACP for the reg and light?
  6. GUERO

    I think we could work something out Kev, you have some pics and info?
  7. GUERO

    all prices are OBO, cash talks
  8. GUERO

    Price drop.

    $250 for bcd
    $450 for regs
    $1000 for computer.

    Need stuff gone. Cash talks