Seeker 270H-8

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by bodyborder1233, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. bodyborder1233

    I got a Torium 14 last month with 20 lb line for my b-day. Im still looking for a rod with it. I got a 270H-8 for really cheap. Im thinking of matching up the two for big swim baits and chovies. What do you guys use you 270H-8 for?
  2. michael

    15-20# bait fishing.
  3. markalico

    20 pound baitfishing, and a cork tape version with an sx for plastics and light iron....kill em with both
  4. JTAP

    I have one and use it for 25 pound bait
  5. hucklongfin

    I use my 270H-8's for 20-25# live bait and light iron.
  6. blindfth


    Where and how much did you get that 270H-8?
    I'm also thinking to match w/sx for 20#.

  7. Lipripper#1504

    Throw a 332 on it and go barricuda fishing (surface iron)!
  8. sandiegofisherm

    its a 25 # bait stick it will kick fishes ass
  9. bodyborder1233

    Jeff I got it at the sport chalet i work at for with my employee discount for around 100
  10. jig guy

    I've got an Seeker American Series 270H-8 for sale if anyone is interested. E-mail me if interested. Will forward pictures if requested. Only been used a couple of times. Like new condition.
  11. yknot

    I am currently building one but a Calstar instead of Seeker. I personally like the seeker better. i would use it for 25lb medium bait light to medium iron tossing
    Good Luck