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Discussion in 'General Fishing Crap' started by pattyho, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. pattyho

    Six 9" Magic Swimmers one 6 1/2" Magic Swimmer. Two Splasher topwater lures. One reinforced Bonga Jerk. Four 1 1/2 oz Onduspoons. Never used, in boxes, $100 takes the whole lot. See pic below for colors.

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  2. bayfisher86

    where are you located? im not familiar with la mesa? may be interested
  3. Lone Shark

    shit why you sellin them all? I would buy on the spot but I live 1000 miles away
  4. pattyho

    I have two reply's and one PM already. I guess I under priced them a little bit. I got them as part of a promotion and I'd rather get $100 today from a BD'er than their true value after posting on craigslist or feebay and dealing with all the bs. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.

    I don't care where you live. I have a credit card machine for my business and can take a credit/debit card over the phone and ship USPS. We can just add the cost of shipping to the total, for which I will include the receipt. I don't feel like it's worth it for me to burn half the sales price in gas driving halfway to LA or OC. If you can't come and pick them up I would be happy to drop them off at the post office for you.

    First person to call me 619-300-9754 and make arrangements wins.
  5. pattyho

    Never came together with any one on this. A few people called me but I was in the middle of moving and I kind of dropped the ball. They are still availible if any one is interested.
  6. Antares