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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Cornfed, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Cornfed

    Any of you BDer's headed to the Seattle boat show, starting 01/24/08? I bought a 3 day flex pass and will probably be going this saturday, sunday, and next wednesday. I think Tower Todd has committed to throwin down on saturday as well. Will be having bloody good times. I am looking to buy radar as well as radar bracket, life raft, epirb, ditch bag, extra gps, extra hand held vhf, and see if anybody can get me a good deal on outrigger bases. What else should I add to this list?

    Just wanted to give a shout for a 'meet and greet' in case any of you guys were going to be there. I will be carrying a stack of BD decals if anybody wants a few.

  2. BiteMe Fishy

    I'll be at the show. Swing by the PSA booth between 2-4 on saturday. It would be nice to meet a fellow bd'r.
  3. Tower Todd

    For any of you Tuna Newbies that want the basic how-to run down on our Albacore fishery:

    Jan 27th 11-1 Fish Acadamey presented by Shimano

    Chasing and Catching Northwest Tuna
    Instructor: Capt. John Keizer

    You may have fished for salmon, and you may have fished for halibut – but you have not lived until you have gone for tuna out into the Pacific Ocean. Capt. John Keizer will share his secrets for chasing and catching northwest tuna. Class will consist of how and where to locate albacore tuna. Top producing techniques to include; trolling lures surface and subsurface; live bait fishing and the use of the new Shimano Butterfly Jigging system. Class will also cover offshore boat rigging; ocean safety and proper care of catch.

    Capt. John Keizer

    Capt. Keizer has been an outdoor writer for over 20 years for various NW featured fishing publications. John has spent most of his adult life fishing and writing about salmon, halibut, tuna fishing and operated one of the most successful salmon charter fishing business on the west coast. John is regularly featured on radio and television shows promoting NW fishing opportunities.

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  4. Cornfed

    What chapter are you with?
  5. BiteMe Fishy

    Cornfed, I'm with Snoking.
  6. Mo

    Check out the Icom IC-M34 handheld vhf. I bought one as backup last summer. I keep it in the stern so I don't have to run fwd to talk to the other boats. Has good range and is the only ballistic plastic one they make. It has a small base you can mount that it clicks in to charge. AND it floats...
  7. rollie

    I'll recommend the same unit. I bought one as a backup last Summer (and of course my son insisted on testing whether it floats which it does :) ) and it seems to have pretty good range from our trials up and down the Sound. It's been dropped a time or two with no problems as well.


    On a 0600am flight out of Redmond for three days at the show. Looking forward to getting out of the ice box over here.
  9. bajadan2000

    Best I can do is a one day pass, not sure which day yet, prefer weekdays, maybe wed. will work.

    I'll be the guy in the Furuno booth with drool running down my face while pawing the new NavNet 3D system.
  10. Cornfed

    Even though I felt like crap today, I managed to make it to the boat show. I dropped off a bunch of BD stickers with Mike (who is the owner of Outdoor Emporium) for distribution. I also dropped in on the Fishing Seminar room, said "hi" to Tom Nelson, and dropped a stack of stickers off there. Both places have a high flow through of fisherman so I am hoping the word will get out about BD.

    My take on the Boat Show...
    Top fishing boats for the NW...
    1. Ocean Sport Roamer 30'
    2. Grady White 33'
    3. Boston Whaler 34' Conquest
    4. HydraSport 25'
    5. Wellcraft 29'

    1. Parker Boats
    2. Glacier Bay
    3. Pt. Defiance Boats

    Need to see more Cabo, Albemarle, Hatteras, Viking type boats there.

    New tight electronics:
    Furuno Navnet 3D

    Cute girl award goes to:
    Pro-Troll girl

    Dumbass award goes to:
    Seatow guy...please dude...just answer my question

    Price rape award:
    Electric motor to pull dinghy into stow position: $8500.

    Fishing Equipment:
    1. Outdoor Emporium
    2. LFS Marine

    Dirty Employee Award:
    Boaters World (Walmart of the boat world...lets hire people that know absolutely nothing about boats).

    Too many sailboaters at the show (1 is too many)

    Thats about it. Bought some stuff but need to do price checks elsewhere before i go back to the boat show and buy furuno radar and ditching supplies...

  11. Tower Todd

    Most of those boats are located in Lake Union. Your boat show gets you in over there as well and there is a shuttle to L.U. from the indoor event.

  12. Mo

    Thats sum funny shit. I like when I go in to BW and they argue with me and act like they know all there is to know about boats.
    Go in and tell them you are looking to buy a "fathom" and see what happens LOL
    I get mad as hell sometimes and go to West Marine or Englund Marine.

    Does anyone go to the Portland show? I have been told it has more stuff for the average guy.
    Sorry CornFed, I can't afford a VIKING :Bawling_e
  13. bajadan2000

    I only live 10 minutes from the Portland Boat show and go every year. Not sure what you will find at the Portland boat show that you do not have at the Seattle show. Lots of stuff at the Seattle show we do not get in Portland. I wanted to take a close look at the new Furuno Navnet3d system. Not one of the electronics dealers at the Portland show could get one. And the Furuno USA headquarters is only about 30 minutes from the show. Not knocking Furuno, not many large suppliers send reps or "soon to be release" products to the Portland show. With so many shows going on all around the country at the same time they have to work the big shows like Seattle.

    The Portland sportsman's show in Feb. is quit a treat, much larger than your Puyallup sportsman's show. That’s the show you want to go to. Lots of sport fishing boats and new toys to look at.
  14. Cornfed

    TT- Yea, what was I thinking? I forgot about all the top end boats at the lake. How much are those new Albemarle's going for TT? Did you make it over to the lake? No cabo's though.

    JMOE - I can't afford a Viking either, but it is nice to want!

    JMOE/DAN - Work permitting, I would like to make it to the Portland Show on Feb. 9th or 10th. We'll see. I'll let you guys know when it gets closer.
  15. Cornfed

    Got to go the show yesterday. It was a great day...saw lots of people that I knew and met some knew ones. I got my XXL BD shirt yesterday after work so I was able to represent. You wouldn't believe the response that I got from everyone. Everybody loved BD and were glad to hear that there is now a WA forum on here.

    I got to talk to the manager of the Tukwila Boater's World. He is from Cali. and was pumped about the arrival of BD in WA. Boater's World beat everyone's price on the EPIRB and ICOM-M34 so we picked those up there. Probably would have beat other prices too, but thats all that we were really after.

    We got to check out 3 different kinds of liferaft (Switlik, Winslow, and the PSI brand). I was very impressed with the knowledge and gaurantee that Winslow put behind their life raft. Lifetime warranty and you don't even have to have it reinspected to maintain the warranty. They had a raft that automatically deployed the windsock, automaticall detached the rope to the boat if the boat sank, and the overall package only weighed 36 lbs!!! The only drawback of this raft, being lighter, is tha obviously it has lower sides and is a different material than the other rafts. The PSI raft was cheaper, but weighed about 100 lbs. The sidewalls were higher, but the warranty was only one year on it. We looked at the Switlik rafts, but the guy wasn't there at his booth so we didn't get a chance to ask questions.

    Shot the crap with Robert Archer is one of the three gentlemen that started TR-1 autopilots. What an awesome and knowledgable guy. It was a pleasure to meet him and talk to him about the technology and history of the autopilot as well as his experience as an Alaskan crabber.

    Talked with Steve Thiesfeld from the WDFW for about an HOUR!!!! Nice guy...actually the first guy that new a damn thing. I have respect for him. I grilled him and ribbed him non-stop for an hour and he was more than happy to explain the wdfw's stance on thing. i gave him a laundry list of items that need to be addressed. I am going to keep in contact with him and have asked him to make a statement on the fishing forums explaining some tricky rules and regulations. Top notch guy in my book. first one from the state. He gets an "A".

    Ok....I am going to submit this before I lose for some DSN 404 error
  16. Cornfed "cannont be found" error. Expanding on what I was saying....

    Some GMC lady wanted me to fill out a ticket for a chance to win a truck, for which I promptly replied "Sorry, I'm a FORD man...and walked away". She really was dumbfounded by that. :Poop_and_Run:

    There are some new rodholders out there that are absolutely sick. They can do anything. The brand escapes me now, but I will get it later.

    Went back to the 3d navnet booth and the guy couldn't give me a straight F'n answer as to whether or not the machine could map the bathometric, fish chip type data on a 3D contour. He gave me the run around and never answered my question. I might buy a PC based program before the Furuno, especially for that price!

    Ran into my dentist and he told me that he would show me how to fish River's inlet. I definitely want to start making that an annual trip. It sounds like a blast!

    Picked up some Canadian Wonder 6" spoons to kill the kings this summer.

    Talked to a couple of ladies at Fisheries Supply that were Technical Clothing Experts. She said she would check out bloodydecks. Maybe she can explain that title to me a little bit more

    Thats about if for now. Didn't have a chance to make it over to the Boats Afloat part of the show...will have to do that next year. People loved the bloodydecks decals though. The people that already knew about BD were very excited to see on of their brothers at the show.


  17. richmake

    The wonder spoons are a secret up here...SHHHHHHHHLOL
  18. Ali Admin

    Let's see some pics Tommy!

    Good write up!
  19. Tower Todd


    I also went to Furuno 3D Booth and was lucky enough to talk to a very knowledeable rep. The guy blew my mind with all of the information he gave me. One thing he did say is that the 3D bathymetric view in the new unit may not be as detailed as the VX2 with Bathymetric charts. He says the Bathymetric charts are very detailed and they are working on it with the new 3D units. I forgot to ask him if the bathy charts are able to work on the new 3D units. I don't think so, but not sure.


    Tommy were those the ones on the 290 Everglades Pilothouse?? If so these are the units and dayum they are NICE!!

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    Burnewiin Rod Holders

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    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top>Burnewiin Rod Holders

    Burnewiin rod mounts come in many different styles. From the flush conventional rod holder to the vertical stainless steel rod holder with three different fishing positions. Burnewiin will have you covered for whatever set-up you desire for your boat.

    <SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT><SCRIPT language=javascript type=text/javascript>var itemname="Burnewiin Rod Holders";</SCRIPT>[​IMG]

    There are some new rodholders out there that are absolutely sick. They can do anything. The brand escapes me now, but I will get it later.