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  1. seasonsfishing

    We had our first trip yesterday of the 2012 season and could have not been more pumped to get out and enjoy all this weather and in hopes of a good days catch for our first crew of the year.

    Loaded up and baited up we left and started our journey down the Mexican coast line with beautiful weather and it almost seemed as it was a August morning headed to the tuna grounds....

    We kicked it off with almost no drift and not a lot of current which made it a pick on hook ups for a couple of hours. Once the wind switched and we got a lil current it was game time for everyone....

    You had to find the school and they wanted to bite, head shakes....

    Thanks guys for putting together the first trip on the year and we like to wish everyone a killer 2012 season!






  2. spike

    Quality REDS!
  3. sdfishkiller

    Nice codding action! Ceviche Time. :hali_olutta:
  4. amnajar

  5. Tunahead

    NICE LOAD OF REDS JAMIE...seas fo glass. Hope to get back
    down there next week. Great report!
  6. Freddy_V

    Thanks for the awesome trip Jaime! I'll be callin ya when I head back down to SoCal in a few months!

    2012 is lookin' good...
  7. el capo

    Nice haul Jamie
  8. get some BD Writer

  9. jaydawg77

    Nice fish!
  10. seasonsfishing

    Your very welcome Fred, was a pleasure to have you out for a trip!

    Thanks for booking with us and next time I am up in Seattle I will be hitting ya up to go have a cold one...

    Hope your fish made it home chilled and safe. Hope the friends enjoy the bbq!

    Until next trip buddy!

  11. Tunaslam

    Good job guys! Big Reds! Congrats!
  12. Bank Robber

    Too bad the weather and the quality wasn't better! :rofl:

    Well done Jaime! Looks like a great trip there.
  13. 26grumpy

    Nice work on the up and down JT, finding is way more fun than fishing....and I LOVE the fishing part. Super quality and happy's to an opportunistic 2012 !!! :cheers:
  14. ecole51

  15. ecole51

    YES!!! Nice work dude. See you at Fred Hall.
  16. Phat Matt

    Awesome reds!

  17. seasonsfishing