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Discussion in 'Personal News' started by PFflyer, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. PFflyer

    This may be a strange and morbid question but here goes.
    We are doing a memorial and scattering of the ashes of my late and young Brother in Law tommorrow. What is the ettiquette for the crew of the vessel? Should I tip them or what? This seems really strange for me.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. fishnazzi

    Ran a few memorial trips..................That is up to you, the crew on these kind of trips are not expecting to go home with a pocket full of "side money". If they are respectful and considerate..............Why not???? They get paid next to nothing to do those kind of trips.
  3. ahidog

    What Nazi said "respectful and considerate" tip if not don't.
  4. TurdRoller

    I have worked one burial at sea and the last thought in my head was "i hope these people tip good". I did it because I was free that day and figured why not? I untied the boat, We sat up on the top deck and let the people do their thing, and then I tied the boat up. Not much work and I'd hope 100% of the crewmembers in SD won't expect much, if anything in side money..

    my thoughts