SD Sportfish Sweet Teresa report for 6/5/11 "BASS, BUTTS and a BUG"

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by SDSportfish, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. SDSportfish

    I was a expecting yesterday to be a bit on the rough side. I couldn't have been more wrong. We got down to the boat at 0400 to get ready and Kevin and I are loading up gear in the parking lot, "That breeze feels offshore" hmmm. We get to the boat and there isn't any dew, hmmm. We were starting to think the weather man got it wrong. Our guys showed up 15 min early, perfect, lets go fishing.

    We had our killer scoop of pure dines, 5"-7" and in excellent condition and were headed past the point before sunrise. It was a perfect day to be on the water. Offshore at 3 knots, 2'-3' west ground swell with a few sets to 4', water was clean green, 61-63 degrees. We had a pod of porpise working a school of bait right at sunrise, threw a couple jigs, nobody home and nothing but bait marks on the meter. We took our time getting to our first drift, not wanting to drive past fish on any of the bird schools working the bait balls. I never really thought any of the schools were holding, just not tight enough, lazy birds dipping but not hitting and nothing on the meter. It was still a good warm up for what hopefully is coming very soon.

    We set up our first drift with baits in the water at 0630. We were fishing some nice structure with marks in 90' of water. The breeze and tide were working against one another, offshore breeze+incoming tide, made for some confusing drifts at first but we managed. Once the wind switched onshore it was a much better drift. We were able to hold the bottom with 5oz, fishing 30# on a slider set up. Our first fish of the day was a nice Sandie on a berkely gulp (white) on an Optimum Diamond Head. We fished these heads all day long and didnt have a single snag or lost head. I was suprised that even when we were jigging baits over cobble and a bait rod would get bit, I would stick the plastics in the rod holder and walk away. Come back and it was still bouncing on the bottom.

    We had a few boats working the area with us, it wasnt wide open for anyone, but steady and weather that doesnt get any better. The sporties were all set up off the bull ring area, a couple out at the whistler and a couple up by us off Point Loma/MB. It was so fishy out there, bait, good water, life and great conditions, lets hope this sets up and goes off!!!!!

    The tide slacked at high and so did the bite. The wind came up but never got bad, it was basically beautiful all day long. A welcome change to the ass kickings we took in mar/apr/may!! We found the halibut holes and they wanted to chew in the afternoon, no suprise, the tide was moving and they were eating. We had been looking all day and when we found them it was game on. We had 5 keepers to 30" in less than 1 hour. We ended up with 7 fish and released 5 shorts. The Bass bite was steady all day ending up with 17 keepers and 0 shorts. A couple of the nicer Sandies were pushing 5lbs.

    THe suprise of the day was right at sunset when a snag turned into a nice legal sized bug. We were careful to never actually touch it, just held it over the rail for a pic and untangled it for a quick and easy release. The sun went behind the marine layer and the bite quit for us. It was an awesome 15 hour day on the pond and the guys went home with plenty of fish. Ian had his first halibut keeper and took the title of "Big Fish" for the trip with a nice grade flattie. His Dad Dane however was the hot stick of the day, taking the first and most fish honors.

    Thanks to Dane, Ian and Kevin for another great day and a birthday for Ian to remember.

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  2. tuna sniffer

    Great report as always. Wind was up this afternoon (surprise,surprise). We got a couple shorts in the bay. Only fished for an hour. Will be off IB tomorrow.
  3. SDSportfish

    Im off the water tomorrow...back at it wednesday. Give those birds a good look. Good luck tomorrow!!!!
  4. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    Sounds like a great day.... I love when the weather man's wrong... For the better of course