SD SPORTFISH "SWEET TERESA" report for 4/17/12 Chasing tails and pulling on butts

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by SDSportfish, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. SDSportfish

    We got off the dock at 0530 in thick fog making for a radar assisted exit of the bay in route to La Jolla for a crack at the yellows. Visibility was not more than 100' all the way to mission bay area making looking for bird schools impossible. We got up outside wind and sea and the fog lifted enough to get up in the tour and start glassing. We were inside the 60 fathom curve searching for life on the sonar between 280'-220' of water and anything on the surface. We didnt see much life so decided to slow troll some dines and cover some ground. The dines right now are huge, between 7' and 12" the size is not great, but the condition of the bait is excellent. I was talking to the boys at EBB at day at the docks and they ran all the way past Dana Point to try and find us some smaller baits, A for effort. No takers on the slow trolled dines so we yoyo on some promising stones. The entire fleet was idle, nobody making any moves, nice smooth seas, 2'-4' mixed swell, clean, blue/green water @ 59, but not much life early. WE decided to head back south to IB and stayed at a nice clip to spot birds in the tower while we made our way to get Travis and Brian on their 1st legal halibuts.
    We set up our 1st halibut drift around 1330 and Travis went tight on a nice fish and he had his 1st legal on ice!!! The day went slower than normal, lizard fest, then brian has the right kind hanging and he has his 1st legal on ice. We ended the day with a few shorts and more lizards, but it was an excellent day on the water with 2 of the easiest guys to fish with. We were back at the dock at 1800 and they were on their way with bag-o-butt fillets ready for fish tacos.

    Thanks to Travis and Brian for a great day!!! Sorry we didn't get your yellows for 2012 off the list but we did scratch your butts off!!!

    Congrats on the fishes guys.

    We are running daily halibut trips
    Contacy Capt Rod @ San Diego Sportfish to get on some good springtime fishing.

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  2. Simon Bon Bowery

    Thanks for another great report Rod.....

    Save those big deans for Friday...
  3. SDSportfish

    I gave em dinner and tucked them in for a nice 3 day cure buddy.....cant wait for friday!!!!!!
  4. Ali Admin

    Nice work Rodney.
  5. SeaChief

    Hell of an effort. Long day but it paid of with those nice butts!
  6. brantc

    WTG Rodney.....keep it up.
  7. cjacobs

    Nice butt Hoffman!
  8. Tues

    Now you're just showing off!


    Hey there Captain Rod. Great post! Travis and I had a great time. Finally got my first legal but! Thank you very much for taking us out on your bitchn boat. You run a great operation and I would definatley recomend you to anyone looking for a great time on the water! We will get the yellows next time its still very early. Anyways thanks again and hope to see you soon....
  10. lega*sea

    yeah brian!!!!!!! Rod is a butt man
  11. amnajar

    I love reading your reports, I got to get out there with you!
  12. tuna951

    Hey there captain Rod...Great day out on the water, thanks for my first butt! Had a good time fishing with you, next time we will be getting those yellows! Will definetly remember this trip. If anyone is looking for a good captain and a good time on the water we would be recomending you.
  13. harryo

    Hey Rodney, you had to be hulling ass to get from La Jolla to IB or where you were fishing the stuff in front of Mission Bay.

    Seaya Friday!
  14. SDSportfish

    Yea we had the downhill/downwind slide from LJ with only a quick stop in front of SD bay on some birds.
  15. Darylfw

    Good to see you are still killing them Rod. You definitely are the master. We got to catch up.
  16. 26grumpy

    That's giving it all and then some !