SD SPORTFISH "SWEET TERESA" report for 4/10/12 Calm before the storm

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by SDSportfish, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. SDSportfish

    I got a call last week from a fellow BDer Mike and he wanted to go get some halibut. I wanted to try and get him on some fish before the weather went sour so today was our best shot at some flatties. He wasn't able to get anyone else on short notice so we charged it with a light load. We pushed away at 0530 and perfect conditions came through the grey light. Low tide was at 0630, no wind, no swell and no boats around. Our first baits were in the water at 0645 and the 1st 2 hours were very slow with such a poor drift. Once the drift started and we found the fish it got more steady, slowly but surely. Our first couple legals jumped on sardines but they were only 24" and we knew bigger fish were in the mix so they went back to grow up for next years fishing. Mike came tight on a bigger model that had some fight in her. She made a run for the props but he was a step ahead and worked this fish like a champ. I got the gaff shot after a coule more runs for the bottom and a quality fish was on ice. We had 2 more nice grade fish on the same drift and more fish than we needed. Mike went turkey hunting over the weekend and breaks out his cranberry/orange brined roasted turkey for some first class turkey sandwiches, my new highlight of the week. Best turkey I have ever had, anywhere, anytime. Not to mention he brought breakfast for us as well. We knocked out 3 more drifts with another 24", released. The wind kicked up to a decent clip but never got so sloppy that we couldnt fish. The tide topped out and we stuck with it until 1430 then headed for the barn. Mike is a seasoned angler and we had our system wired after the 1st drift, well oiled machine by the end of the 2nd. It sure doesnt look like a bit of weather is headed our way, but it's coming, especially the wind.

    Back on the bite after the wind lays down

    Thanks for a great day on the water Mike, congrats on a well earned fish!!!

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  2. Danny

    Excellent. Nice to see those fish are still on the chew! Nice job Capt. Rod!
  3. bevz

    Nice fish!
  4. Reuben

    Great day out on the water! Sounds like it was fun!
  5. SDSportfish

    speaking of turkeys...nice avatar buddy!!!!
  6. Simon Bon Bowery

    Do you ever do open party trips?
  7. SDSportfish

    Yes we do Simon. I'm not sure if halibut fishing and open charters are a good marriage. Sometimes we have to grind for 8 hours for just 1 nice grade fish. This isnt a problem when the fillets are all going to the same kitchen or being divided between friends. I guess we could throw it out on the ride sharing board and see anyone has the same interests and schedule......
  8. brantc

    Nice work Rodney....
  9. osidefishin

    Id be interested in going out..What would it cost?
  10. baja viking

    Thanks for the day on the water yesterday. Anyone wanting to become a better fisherman can accomplish it by fishing with you. Thanks for your stories and insight. You're welcome on my boat any time......but please don't bring strawberries.....I will never eat them again.
    Tight lines,
  11. SDSportfish

    Thanks again for the turkey. Had plans for turkey risotto but ate it all with a salt shaker and a bottle of hot sauce....halibut risotto wasnt a bad backup. Looking forward to our SCI trip and pushing offshore this season!!! Picked up some beads at Squidco today thanks for the rigging tip!!!
  12. SDSportfish

    just put up a open party invite on the trip sharing forum
  13. SDSportfish

    open party trip posted on ride sharing forum
  14. Phat Matt

    Aahhh the red beeds...I thought Hanson said no beeds...hmmmmm??? ;}

  15. SDSportfish

    If thats what he said I'm taking them back and getting green ones!!!!!
  16. Simon Bon Bowery

  17. SDSportfish

  18. Tunaslam

    That's a winner, fine job!
  19. Ali Admin

    Dammit dude. You're the man.

    I've got 2 - 6+ hour days for nothing but a bunch of shorts....
  20. SDSportfish

    keep charging hard buddy...your due for a PB!!!!!