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Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by dbcabo, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. dbcabo

    I just bought a new Tikka 30-06. So many scope choices. Any opinions of good value 4-12x scopes?
  2. Outhouse

    All of my long guns have Leupold Golden Rings on them. Made in America and great scopes for the $
  3. BakerStBobby2

    There's the Redfield Revolution 4-12x40, as well. Owned by Leupold and also made in America. Super clear glass and very affordable!
  4. abdiver7777

    What he said........

    The CDS models rock.........
  5. k2hoss

    x2 on the redfield, I love mine
  6. dbcabo

    It is good to hear there is some good made in America options. I believe the CDS option is ballistic table to dial in a load. I want to shoot Low Recoil 215 grain for my son and standard 150 grain for myself, any experience swapping out ballistics on sight? How close is 0?

    I love my Burris
  8. TROB

    I put a Burris fullfield II E1 4.5-14 on my tikka 300wm. Nice scope, I love it.
  9. okie man

    i have more burris scopes than any other brand. also have 1 redfield and a weaver . nothing wrong with leupold , just not my brand!

    I am not going to bash any other brand but my Burris has held up shot after shot on a 300 mag and I never have to adjust it. I have paid more money for other brands that required constant adjustment.
  11. invictus

    Samie same. All I can say is, I have been happy with every single one of them.
  12. FishnHuntnFool

    Those are all good scopes... I picked up a Pentax Game seeker 4x12 on Ebay for cheaper that Nikon or Burris... Been a good scope for the money... Also has the BDC reticle.
  13. Scottt

    I have Burris's as well as Lupy's III's and have no complaints with any of them. Good luck with your decision and if you go with either of these brands I doubt you'd be disapointed.