SCI or Cat ...that is the question

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by zomees, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. zomees

    Underway around midnight tonight..

    Thinking Cat...

    But, if SCI has something going on we will make the trip...

  2. Saluki

    Matt, Cat can get reallllllllly crowded on the weekend and WSB get very spooked.

    Weekends, I like SCI, but what the hell do I know I'm just a HO :D
  3. Father Ken

    yellows have been pretty good at SCI. Your best shot at a Whitey is at Catalina.
  4. oubearjinx

    I am going fishing!!!!! On the BG90 leaves 9pm Tuesday night and fish Weds. We will go SCI for yellows!

    Anyone else want come???? I reserved the spot as 50% off... I can add two more person on that spot with the coupon. That is $50 for each person man. Let me know!!!

    Yellows are start to biting good again!
  5. zomees

    SCI went off today if you found em....

    Go SCI...
  6. oubearjinx

    Definitly SCI.... Yesterday BG90 Caught 51 Yellows...the JP was 25lb.

    From all other source....CAT is really slow right now. SCI it is. If you ever need a crew, deckhand or Money for the bait and Gas, I am there for ya man!!!
  7. fully involved

    Just got back from Cat. No squid to be found! Fished the backside and did well on small calicos but nothing else going on.. If the weather holds make the run to SCI
  8. oubearjinx

    Good choice...BG90 just got 23 yellow from SCI today!
  9. pteich

    I'm leaving at 0800 5-2-05 in a 26 foot skippy (Paddy Wagon). Are they catching the yt on squid at SCI. Where are they on the island?