Sayulita in December

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by jmacallister, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. jmacallister

    My brother and I have been given the job of arranging a day of fishing for group of 20 or so quasi-anglers while they and a cast of thousands are at a "destination wedding" at Costa Azul this December. Can anybody sugggest an outfitter to use or are we better cutting a deal at Sayulita or El Anclote when we get there? Many thanks.
  2. jureal

    I have stayed in Costa Azul a couple of times but only one time did we fish. It is quite a drive from there back to Puerto vallarta to fish. There are pangas available in San Pancho but they are commercial guys and you need your own equipment. Sayulita also has pangas and I think that they are the same as San Pancho. Never been to El Anclote. When we stayed at Costa Azul about five yrs ago, we fished a tournament held at the resort and they arranged for pangas out of Punta de Mita. We all brought our own equipment. Like I said, quite a drive from Costa Azul. It sounds like equipment might be a problem unless you go back to Puerto Vallarta and charter there with an outfit that provides equipment. Check out the listings on this board for some suggestions as the ones listed all provide equipment if needed.
  3. jmacallister

    Thanks, Mel. We're trying to avoid the long drive back to PV at just about ant cost. I did find a website for one guy in Sayulita after I posted this note and lots of pricey guys at Punta Mita. I haven't been to Costa Azul in ten years so I'm sort of starting frm scratch here.
  4. Gmoney!

    Hey John

    Contact Josh Temple ( . Most likely his Cabo is not what you want to spend on a day of fishing, but they have a couple of nice gradys for much more reasonable price, as well as pangas and super pangas that can take you out to the grounds at a very decent rates, and some good captains on those boats as well. Sayulita isnt that far from Punta Mita either.

    Otherwise you can have pretty much any of the PV fleet pick you up in Mita, or maybe even in Sayulita, if you find a panga to take you out to the boats, it just takes more coordination.

    Good luck, enjoy the wedding, and share your report with us when you get back.

  5. IglooMan

    You and your "destination weddings"

    I still think your brother got banned from Mexico, and find it hard to believe that he will be allowed back in just to go to a wedding...
  6. jmacallister

    Thanks for the help. Definitely will report back on the trip.
  7. jmacallister

    Back to sleep, nino. But you're probably right and he'd probably do anything to avoid picking tis tab.
  8. IglooMan

    Well itd be nice to see him back down here someday, I know Jorge misses him...
  9. jmacallister

    Aside from the fact that Jorge has never met the SOB, I'd just about believe you.
  10. IglooMan

    I meant Jorge the captain he always fishes with, not George... I had some really fun days out fishing with Doug and Jorge, and the killer empanadas...
  11. jmacallister

    Got it. I'll be whipping up some halibut tacos with the old guy this weekend at the annual fish fry and I'll see how the La Paz-in-August plan is coming along.
  12. scoop

    Check out this guy...if you want to fish local he is the guy. He's only got pangas but he leaves from the beach in Sayulita. He fishes hard!
  13. scoop