Say it isn't so?!

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by TexMojoII, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. TexMojoII

    The dickhead from shipping wars, which I actually kind of liked, died. Damn, wonder what will happen to his pussy? Or I mean his Kitty that traveled with him. Sorry Roy, but you were entertaining even though you were a dick. God Bless Buddy, (Tears flowing from my face right now, but I think my last shot of fireball got in my eyes, so duh!)
  2. Aggro

    mmmmm fireball
  3. Chris Casal

    Pictures or it didn't happen...
  4. Deviant

    Guess a heart attack got him at 49....
  5. wood2turn

    Where's you hear this?
    I didn't see it on the show...
  6. Da.Ching808

    TMZ report that Roy died from heart attack at 49 ages..
  7. LippRipper

    Probably not going to see it on the show since it was just reported yesterday and the show is not live TV
  8. oldschool 1

    Should have had a dog... would have got 10 more years.