Sat. kind of a Guy Harvey moment

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by shinerunner, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. shinerunner

    We launched right after Cha Ching and trailered up at the end of the day right after him an alluminator. A slow day over all except for some fun about 2 miles south west of the 421 spot. We are trolling west and spot diving terns and troll towards them..then we see breaking and boiling fish and go into the fire drill. oh and what a fire drill. I was fishing with Kryzs and an old childhood buddy from back in Ohio, I haven't seen in over 20 years, Andy. He has never been offshore and had to endure a sloppy slow morning for the first time, he had never baited a hook in his life but he had a great attitude and after this he was hooked. Kryzs had actually got some sleep the night before so he was on it. Anyhow, after alot of loud encouragement from me, we were cranking in the trollers as fast as we could, I spun the stern right into the action. In about a 200 sf area we had a paddy, diving porpoise, diving turns and boiling yellows, man it was like one of those Guy Harvy or Chuck Byron paintings. We brailed bait and got our sardines into the action. The wind and waves shoved us off fast, but we let the baits spool out. Kryzs hooked up and we land a schoolie yellow, get it aboard and the boiling mass has moved we run to it drop and drop bait again, Krysz and I hook up again, Kryzs ends up with just a sardine head and I wind up with a sardine with 2 deep parrallel slices about an inch apart on each side of the fish. It seemed like maybe those marks would match the marks from a porpoise mouth, perhaps someone here would know. Then it all went quiet so we trolled north then trolled the butterfly. We gave that up and ran for home.
    After about five minutes we stopped on a paddie and I picked up a decsent yellow. Stopped on 2 more dry paddies, then the third one Kryzs hooks up and hands the rod to Andy and eventually the fish got farmed but he got to enjoy a stout fish pulling and he was thrilled. Well Andy is hooked on saltwater fishing. Nice chatting with you all on the radio too. It was a long slow sloppy day with one electric moment, can't wait till next week!
  2. Jason Admin

    We had that going on all week... Lots of boiling fish and only 1-2 bites.

    I can't believe 60 views and no replies to your report. Lots of lurkers and non posters...
  3. Mots

    Jim glad you got a couple for such a tough day of fishing. Tried to pick you up on the radio, but, we were having radio problems.
  4. Saluki

    Nothing like boiling YT's to get your heart pounding.
    When they don't bite it makes you start looking for those 1/4 sticks that might be left over from the 4th. :D
  5. Tailwalker Advertiser

    Great to hear you guys got something to pull on! We ended up with a looooong boat ride chasing radio fish. Good talking with you ou there! Should of stayed and fished your area?

    I Have Had A Lot Of Luck Trying Iron At Moments Like This When They Boil But Wont Bite Live Bait
  7. _slash_

    Ha Ha, nice work on the yellers,
    b0x them h0mies, w0rk dem paddies, watch da birdies

    Nice job showin' the out-of-towner some hardcore, the fish have really been off and on lately, so a captains skill is no small resource on the water. Great Job.

  8. jesse


    thanks for the report. glad your bud got to pull on some fish.
  9. Triggerfish

    We ran into a big foamer last week -- same conditions with diving terns, boils, etc... It was the biggest school of bonito I've ever seen! It was wide open on the small iron (mega bait, dart) but the sardine fishermen came in with many baits as you describe -- two deep parallel slices.

  10. shinerunner

    I'll bet your right, next trip I'll bring an inshore rig to toss those small irons, spoons or megabaits on them boneys
  11. Iamironman28

    The YT we caught on sat were full of sauries. Tiny iron may be the trick? For 30+ paddys we hit, only 2 were holding.
  12. Produce Man

    That sm iron thing got me thinking. I've got a few ironman #1's and some old salas peewee's that I'm gonna pack from now on. Hmmm,scrambled egg?
  13. shinerunner

    I whacked the bonito in January off LJ using chrome crocadile skipped across the surface. Lotsa fun.. They were slammin the spoon on early every cast.
  14. Katana

    ... I would imagine....

    I have not been lucky enough to see something like that.
    Congrats to your old buddy.... Deep sea fishing is addicting....
    I never understood until this year.... Now, I'm hooked for life...

    Fishing, anyone??? :drool:
  15. Squid Vicious

    I can't believe 60 views and no replies to your report. Lots of lurkers and non posters...[/QUOTE]

    ......................fuckers ...................
  16. TheShark

    Way to get the new guy on the yellow :D

    The lurkers might be intimidated by the Bloodydecks Regulars - give them time
  17. Gil Marlin

    Nice report, I wasn't lurking, just had nothing to add.
  18. shinerunner

    I think they do the mudshark at place they call the edgwater inn
  19. sickcat

    Maybe ironman's throbbing sawsall frightened them :+

    On the sliced sardine thing I agree that would be the porpose. I have been fishing in so cal for a while now and have never heard of so many porpose hookups as I have this year. Maybe the navys electrical wizardery messing with their large brains??
  20. Gil Marlin

    Ever been juked with a baby octopus, or spewed upon with creamed corn?