Sat. 6-23-07 60 Mile bank,390, 371,302

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Headshot, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Headshot

    We left Shelter Island at 8:30pm fri. night and heard that it was pretty rough out there, but found that it was not that bad, at least for us it wasnt that bad! Headed for the 60 Mile Bank and arrived at 3:00am sat. morning. Put out the trollers for the first time this year at 4:30am, and at 6:30am we got the first fish on the boat, Yellowtail! Dropped the trollers back in and headed towards the 1010 and 30 minutes later Victor lands his first tuna ever, a nice grade of Albacore, 29lbs. on my spring scale! We trolled for another 3 hours for nothing, paddies were scarce and decided to pull the trollers and run for the 371, and when we arrived there was a boat on a school of Albies and he called us in and told us to stick around that the Albies were there, which was really cool! Dont remember the name of the boat, but Thanks! Unfortunatly we didnt have any chovies that were still alive, just about all of our bait had rolled and we couldnt get them go for us and they were gettin hooked up with every bait they dropped in! We decided to troll for the 302 and picked up another good size Albie, but lost it at the boat! Fuck! need to re-spool with some new line on that one! Here are some pic's of the first Tuna on my boat this year!

    The first fish of our trip on a paddie, Steve gets a firecracker!
    Victor gets his first Ablie ever! He was stoked!
    First tuna blood on the deck!
    If anyone catches a Albie with this Zuker in its mouth, its mine! LOL
    This was what it looked like heading for the 371, nasty!
    Couldnt post last night, had to work this morning at 5am. and just got home and my ass is still kicked, need sleep!
    Who ever is headin out this week, dont go deep, no need! they are here at the 302, 371, 425 areas! And if they're not, thats where I would start my hunt! Going to bed for a much needed siesta!
    Going back out tuesday early a.m.!
  2. fishnbuddy

    Good job on the catch! Looking to go get some soon too!
  3. tunark

    The wind was blowing hard from the south at Shelter Island between 1 and 4 a.m. Saturday morning. We were there contemplating whether we should launch the boat or not. I was talking to some guys on the radio that were heading out and they said it was rough. Maybe it was just rough on the inside and not so bad further out.

    Sounds like you guys had fun.
  4. progress_1

    Cool report.
    i think i saw you guys on the 1010 sat around 8:30 am checking out that one paddy that was there. The weather was great at least on the Grady it was, Glad someone else thought the same about the weather because i was told i was not fishing in the same ocean. We moved over to the 277 area before we headed back up the line.
    Thanks for the report.
  5. Headshot

    Bill I'd have to say you're right about it being rougher on the inside than the outside! Although it was still pretty rough out there! But the last 6 miles approaching San Diego Bay was fucking brutal! Deffinatly Albie conditions out there!
  6. Chas'n Tails

    Nice job, but where is the picture of the 29 pounder?
  7. RIZO1218

  8. skifisher

    Great post and pics!
  9. Headshot

    Striper 2601 has a 160 gallon tank, 2 miles to the gallon! We burned a little over a 100 gallons Sat.
  10. BigJoe

    Thanks for the report, I have the same boat and last trip the person I took put a little down tube in the bait tank and the bait lived much better than with the stock nozzle. I will send you a PM with some pictures.

    Sorry no pics for PM here they are instead, no thread jack intended.

    BaitTube1.JPG BaitTube2.JPG
  11. Headshot

    Thanks Joe! that does look like it would work better than the stock, did your buddy make that himself?
    Thanks , Tim