sat 6/13 - Catalina

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by wkk, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. wkk

    Left my buddy's house out of newport at 6:30. Two of us in a Boston Whaler 180 dauntless 18 foot center console. For thos of you looking to buy one of these, the boat rode great. Didn't get wet, but then again it was pretty calm out there today.
    Picked up some dines and the guys at the barge said catalina was producing. Called my other buddy who was planning on fishing the flats. Asked if he wanted to cross over and buddy boat. We had no radio or gps. Met my other buddy at the outside oil rigs. Water was nice and calm. He gave us a portable radio and the 2 of us (2 boats 4 anglers) decided to cross to east end.
    Water was flat all the way across w/ little to no wind. Once we got around the east end all that changed real quick. The wind was blowing and you can hear it howling throught the canyons off the island. Ended up at seal rock w/ about 10 other boats. Fished live squid that my buddy got from alamitas when he left his harbor. Saw noone catching anything. We only spent about an hour here, plus we had a late start. Decided to move to the front side. Stopped in avalon for some coffee and off we went hitting the coves.
    All the coves produced small calicos, sheephead, some bonito, whitefish, and other miscellaneous perch. about 11 am the wind start to pick up on the front side and it started really blowing.
    Saw a few of the sports boats out there each fishing different coves and rocks. Didn't see anything big come up. Just a bunch of smaller grade fish.
    Left the island at 1. It was a nice ride back. Rode the small swells back and was back to newport harbor in an hour and a half.

    Hope u guys do better than us.
  2. Reuben

    At least you were there. Thats half the fun. Next time!
  3. Fair Warning

    You know.....i've been listening to all the great reports all during the week, and my fishing pro friend down the street is giving me shit for not hooking up the boat and getting out there......I've been feeling like shit until I saw your report. Now I am glad I went to play paintball instead......and that island decided to do what it usually does on Saturday.

    Excellent! Glad I wasnt there! But I do appreciate your time to let us know.
  4. smeredith

    What a Dick! Hahaha :)
  5. Michael588

    I hope things are better there tomorrow, will give a report in the evening when we return
  6. Finstinct

    How funny! I was thinking the exact same thing. Guess I'm a Dick too! LOLLOLLOL

    Good info. Thanks for the report!
  8. tsurikichi

    Hi wkk,

    Nice summary on the day. Excllent.

    Await further success and maybe a yellow or WSB or two !!

  9. mrjjwiley

    Thanks for the honest report. I was out there as well yesterday on the backside where the Tanker WSB were supposedly biting and there must have been 50 boats or more in one place there by Ben Weston And i said screw this lets go find our own area. Thinking it would break up and all the boats would start looking on their own as well. So we leave the area a couple coves away for nada and i start thinking, why are we the only one that left the area and i surely didn't want to read how it was wide open again and we didn't go back, so we cruised back to see the whole fleet of party boats as well as all the usual limiting six packers and we anchored right in there with them. We didn't see one fish caught all the time we were there. What a waste of time, but the funny thing about it all is reading the fish reports from the same boats i sat next to all day.... :) Go Figure. Anyways thanks again for the honest report.

  10. kimw880

    Yea. Just getting out there is fun. I figure I'm never going to catch anything sitting at home so might as well give it a try. Plus if the seabass arn't biting there's always the calico's and small fish on the front side to wipe off the skunk. Figured there wouldn't be much action on the wsb w/ all the boats around the bend. I did manage to accidently catch and release a big garibaldi. Pretty cool looking. Really bright orange and this sucker was thick. Aggressive little rat bastard was pecking at my live squid for a while before it finally got down to the hook. Definately a nice morning for being on the water and it was way better than being at work. Maybe next week will be better.