SAT 3-25 bottom fishing

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by hotrod, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. hotrod

    We will be bottom fishing SAT 3-25...Need to take the boat out and burn some old fuel too in the process. Hitting the 9 mile bank and near North los cornados. The weather looks decent w/ maybe some fog in the AM>

    Mike on Ch 72
  2. tail slapper

    Good Luck Mike. I hope we can hook up this year.

  3. JBait

    Burning fuel is the easy part. Good Luck
  4. Null&Void

    what up mike? i'll be running a half day trip inshore. PL or LJ, not sure. if push comes to shove, we may head out your way.
  5. hotrod

    Good luck tomorrow...I pushed our trip out to Sunday.

    I'll look for you Sunday as we are fishing the 9 in the Mission Bay Marlin Club Rockfish Tourney; we'll be on 69 if you need a spot.
  7. hotrod

    Trip has been canceled.
  8. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    What, Hotrod canceling a trip, No way:rofl:

    Hot Rod you didn't miss much! Rough lumpy conditions which got better as the day went and slow fishing, I still have a pounding headache this morning from all the bouncing. Ended up with 13 grouper to 6.4# and 11 reds , one was 5# for 3 guys fishing hard 630AM-4PM, alot of drops for nothing. Caught alot of mackeral for bait Sat AM off the Cove, I think I was running inside of you Salty on the way out of MB. Zero reds off LJ on the way home Sat.