Sat 1/15/2011 Rock Cod Fish Report

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by hotrod, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. hotrod

    Sat 1/15/2011 Rock Cod Fish Report

    Short Report
    Near mex limits for 5 of rockcod
    Awesome weather
    Good company
    Fishing the lower 9 and 3 miles north of pukey
    95% caught on cut squid
    Listened to the Ravens self destruct in the early game

    Long Report to follow tomorrow

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  2. Bank Robber

    Nice mix of tasty critters there not to mention that toad copper.
  3. mrkrabs

    Very nice catch. I might get lucky and go out again tomorrow. Were there a lot of boats out there? mrkrabs
  4. Red Drum

    That is a fat Copper Rockfish, nice bunch of tasty bottom fish...taco time!
  5. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    Nice catch Mike...Planning on doing that myself next week
  6. TravisT

    nice job on the taco meat.
  7. hotrod

    Thanks guys...go now while the weather is good. :)
  8. Oingo

    Wow, nice haul. Those are some toad whities!!!!!! Congrats....
  9. yellowdog

    Thanks for the invite and as always, great company and fun. Great seeing you and Joe again and nice meeting Frank. Tim had a great time too. The good haul was gravy on such a fantastic day. I'm getting ready to start making tacos as soon as the game is over. C'ya again soon.
  10. hotrod

    Thanks Bill...yeah it was a great weather day and fun fishing too! Lets go soon.

    Mike :hali_olutta:
  11. osidefishin

    way to go guys,thats a mighty fine stack o fish you got there...