SARL Report 4-13-2012

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by heresrobert, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. heresrobert

    I was on the fence about fishing SARL today. I read they had stocked yesterday so I decided to go. I got there at 5am. I fished the four pipes area and the back corner between Chris's Pond and the main lake. I didn't catch anything and all I saw caught was one trout in the corner. I don't know the name of that spot, but I know it produces fish. This afternoon I see on the SARL website they are reporting limit style trout fishing. I had talked to some regulars and they weren't catching much the past few weeks. Someone tell me where this limit style fishing is. My rigs are all 2 feet of 2lb leader with Carolina rigs or a split shot. Either #18 gold trebles or #12 mosquitos. Baits are PB in chartreuse corn flavor, or sparkle rainbow with either Ripperz Garlic Amore or Pro Cure garlic gel, nightcrawlers, micetails, and various power eggs. Is it me or are the SARL reports not quite accurate????? Near limit trout fishing hasn't been happening. I've fished there before and done well, but the last couple of weeks haven't been good.
  2. m_mcgourty

    I always thought the four pipes was more of a catfish spot. My best trout day was in Chris' Pond near the handicap area. Personally I think you are right and they way over exaggerate the the fishing conditions.
  3. Gino The Bass

    went there a month ago and will never go back, sat there from opening to close and watched comorants in Chris's Pond chomp on trout that pelicans would steal from the coromorants, about 12 birds in the imediate area total. made for terrible fishing, we tried everything in the book bait wise got nothing. People at the big lake didnt do so well either...