SARL(Mudholes) Night Fishing 4/5 w/pics

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Smitty, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Smitty

    Well this is my first post on this board having taken the invite from Doug, who I'm sure will give me some shit for my first being a SARL report. I like the atmosphere around here and the irreverant attitude is a breath of fresh air to be sure. Some may have already read the report on another board but for those that haven't I hope you like it...if not, you can kiss the fattest part of my ass. :asshole:

    So here it goes....

    My brother and I weren’t able to escape the city this week because we have a bunch of stuff to do on our days off but this afternoon after we got done deep-cleaning our apartment we got that itch that only wetting a line can scratch. It was too late to fish Irvine or LNL so night fishing at SARL was the obvious choice.

    We packed up the rods & tackle and were on the road by 4:30pm. We made a quick stop by Walmart to get batteries a new lantern since my old one bit the dust. Found a nice little Coleman battery powered number for $14 and it turned out to be a good purchase….little sucker is very bright. Made one last stop at Taco Bell for some grub and then hit the lake about 5:20pm.

    I’ve read reports of people catching fish in quite a few different spots lately so we figured we’d just look for someplace away from other anglers. We made a trip around the lake and found that Levitz and Bubble Hole both had multiple groups fishing them but the south facing side of La Palma point was empty so that’s where we started. I decided to throw out an inflated crawler, AKA the Marley special, first so I could relax while I ate my dinner. I casted about 20 feet from shore, put the rod in the holder and went back to scarf some grub. I sauce my taco supreme, take a bite and as I glance back down at my rod I’m shocked to see it doubled over something serious…so much for relaxing while I eat my dinner lol!!!! I grab the rod and give her a pull to make sure the hook is set….game on. I thought I had a pretty good fish on at first because Mr. Trout was pullin some drag but when I got it to shore it was a pretty typical ¾ to 1lb rainbow. The feisty trout was perfectly hooked in the corner of the mouth so after a quick picture I let it swim away to be caught but another lucky fisherman.

    Mr. Trout

    Although getting a fish in the first 5 minutes seemed like a good omen at the time, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Between 6pm and 7:30 pm we would get bit 4 times, two of them VERY nice fish as both boiled right in front of us when they spit the hook as if to say “not this time buddy”. The second of my two missed fish stayed on the surface from the second I got bit and kind of danced across the water while I let it take line….when I set the hook well…it didn’t set. Woops, pulled it right out of its mouth. Though that first fish was caught on an inflated crawler dipped in corn PB dip, the other 4 bites came on lip ripperz with a bit of powerbait….I guess some call it the power mouse. Orange Lip ripper with orange PB and chartreuse lip ripper with chartreuse PB both got bit.

    My Bro Evan sporting the thumbs up and silly grin…

    It was a beautiful evening and as we watched the sun begin to set in the west, two fighter jets screamed across the horizon followed shortly thereafter by the booming sound as these guys were haulin arse. I can only assume that they were doing a fly-by for the Angel game tonight. I tried to snap a picture but wasn’t able to catch them before they were out of sight.

    After dark the bite went absolutely dead. No biters for a long time so around 8:30pm we decided to make a move. A quick stop at the bait shop to grab a beverage and off we went to the small lake over by the nets. Even though the bite was dead here as well, we had a blast because we’d brought some of our music gear with us, my steel string acoustic guitar and Evan’s keyboard, and we jammed for probably an hour with little regard to whether or not we were catching fish. It was seriously way too much fun playing out in the open like that. Too cool.

    Our outdoor studio…

    Evan on Keys…

    Smitty on guitar….gotta love the rock star face! Straight outa Spinal Tap I tell ya… :git:

    After my fingers started getting a little sore and we were running out of material to jam on we decided to make one more move. We fished Levitz for the last 45 minutes of the evening for no bites and no fish.

    Just after we left the lake we almost got run off the road by three jackasses racing on La Palma….I was so pissed I actually called the cops on them. I hope they caught the a-holes because they were seriously driving like idiots….speeding is one thing but three cars going 90mph on a street like that was ridiculous.

    Overall it was a nice evening….SARL isn’t my favorite place to fish...hell, its probably my least favorite place to fish for trout in socal but its the only night fishing game in town so whatever. One of these days we’ll have wide open fishing or catch a biggun but until then, we’ll make sure to bring our instruments! Haha!


    P.S.- I feel like an moron but while looking over there from La Palma I finally figured out why they call Levitz corner Levitz corner…there is a Levitz right there....believe it or not, I just put two and two together today. DUH! Hahahaha!
  2. Sluester

    Sounds like you guys have fun no matter if it's fishing or not! Welcome and thanks for the report/pictures. If I ever hear live music while fishing, I'll know who it is. :rockin:

    I can see The Hook hooking up with you guys someday! LOL
  3. the hook

    They live too far.

    Maybe at the river, though!

    Any catfish in those mudholes?