SARL 12-23 still got it.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by UnReel, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. UnReel

    Date was actual the 22nd. My bad.

    Called into work sick with Igottafishitis. Grabbed my 2 dusty old micro light trout rods and one 9 1/2 jig'n rod and took off for SARL about 3:30am. Boss was propbably wondering why I called in at 3am LOL!!! but I had to fish, lifes got me to wound up right now. Anyway, stoped and got gas, a coffee and a gallon of water and headed for the lake. got there at 4:45am and was suprised to see I was the eight car in line. Looked like I was going to get a good spot at the lake. Rigged up the two micro light rods and put a Chartrouse RipLipprz minijig on the jig'n pole. Just about the time I was done they opened the gates. Drove in and went to my old hot spot from 00. Again I was surprised to see no one there?? Said what the heck and staked my claim and put in my two rod holders to mark my territoryDeath_To_ . Pitched out one rod out with Chart. power bait and one with an inflated night crawler dipped in garlic scent and then waited as it started to rain. Rained for about an hr or two then it cleared up to blue sky's and warm Santa Ana conditions. Little to no wind all day. Had one phantom strike in the gray and then nothing for the nexy hr or two. A group of 5 guys fishing about 50' down from me got 5 or 6 rats by this time. Was starting to think I made the wrong spot choice but convinced myself to stay put. Took a bait rod out of the water and then started working the RipLipprz jig. About an hr into jig'n BINGO!!!! I'm on!!!! Trout runs straight up the current to the three pipes and chills there for a bit. After a little work and some running around he finaly comes outta the current and into the net (thanks to the bro's below me for the net job). Turned out to be a clean little 5.8 pounder.
    Damn, haven't trout fished in 6 years and the first bite is a decent fish. That was way cool and made my day. Retied the minijig on and rebaited the bait rod and then started twitching the jig again. 1/2 later and ZZZZZZZZ hookup!!! Nicer fish this time. Did the same thing as the first. Swam right up the current and then stopped and dogged me for a bit. As soon as it was out of the current I was able to get it within easy net reach. Netted this one solo and it was 8.8 pounds.
    Worked the jig Untill noon with no other strikes. Did get one rat on Chart. power bait but he ws profesionaly released at the waters edge ;) :D. Total for the 1/2 day, three bites, one rat and two mini loyds 5.8 and 8.8

    Also, there was a boat with two guys fishing the bouy line that got about 8 to 12 rats on the Chart minijig. Overall fishing was pretty slow though with maybe a half a dozen other rats caught around me before I left. When I weighed in my fish I checked the big fish clipboard and there was only one other big fish caught and it was a 14+ pounder.I forgot to read where it was caught though. Duh on my part. Oh ya water level is back up so the fishing should turn on soon. Looking forward to my next trout trip as today was a fun day.

    P.S I know, white boats are gay but I wasn't expecting it to rain and they just happend to be in my truck. Sure was better than wet muddy slip on vans.
  2. Null&Void

    fuck that, I'd rather be covered in camel shit before I put on white boots

    ....Ali USED to have white deck boots...and look at what happened to him..... gayz:

    nice salmon report Beta:cheers:
  3. UnReel

    Your right, no excuses. What was I thinking slap:
  4. Scarleg

    Very nice Beta:High_Five
    I used to fish those lakes all the time back in the early 80's.It was practically in my backyard
    Nice job
  5. sealskinner

    Nice trout Beta.
  6. OC_BassAssassin

    good job dude, looks like youre seafood selection ytd has been pretty good eating.:cheers:

    nice mini lloyds, ive been close a few times this year on those, so that makes it the 3rd season in a row you've beat me.slap: