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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by gotnick, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. gotnick

    I am trying to plan a fishing trip to Santa Rosalillita. Does anyone have any information on lodging, panga or any contact down there? Is there any service like BOLA available? Thanks for your help.
  2. dernypaulina

    I don't know if this info will turn out to be of any help to you, but it's worth a shot. Two summers ago as we were hanging out at the fish cleaning table at Casa Diaz we made friends with a couple of locals who had family in Rosalillita. When we mentioned we were heading over there one of them pulled a receipt out of his pocket and wrote down a contact for us.

    I just dug it out of our journal. It reads as follows:

    Leonardo Maclish
    Pichin (fishing)
    and mecinic (mechanic)
    Esposa Ramona

    So, when we pulled into town we saw his sign on the right hand (north) side of the road, just before dropping down off the mesa into Rosallita proper. We pulled in, but didn't see anyone. We returned to town to ask around, but no one seemed to know where Leonardo was at the moment. We missed out so we made the decision to drive up the coast to the Sisters.

    We've kept that old piece of paper in our journal for a "just in case" moment when we might get to use it. If you do end up hooking up with him, please let me know.

    I'm also thinking that Juan and Sheri might have some connections there as well.

    Have fun,
  3. Deno

  4. gotnick

    Thanks for your help Paulina. It is the place Deno. However I wanted to hire a panga to go out fishing and rent a cabin to stay.
  5. Deno

    Pm sent
  6. 4baja

    if you want too fish there i would not depend on any dependable local panga or place to stay. this place is a bring your own boat kind of place. trailler your own boat down and launch at the marina or on the beach at high tide, much more dependable. you will catch in the winter, sand bass, calico, bottemfish, halibut, black seabass, maybe white seabass, yellowtail, puffer. spent many of winters there and watch for the easterly winds, they are ass kicker. better yet fish off the beach north for great bass fishing with scampitails and fill your cooler with great taco fair. good luck.
  7. gotnick

    I am planning for a trip in June next year. I don't have a boat yet. May be after fishing in BOLA we will swing by and see if we can arrange for anything in Rosalillita.
  8. blowhole

    I dont know of any lodging but our cousin is a fisherman there and could probably find someone to take ya out...his name is Martin Arce and phone # is 615-161-1008 or just go to the coop and ask for him.
  9. dernypaulina

    I knew I recognized your cousin's name, so I looked it up in our journal. We met Martin Romero Arce and Ernesto Romero Arce in Aug. of '06. They were great guys and are also family of Roberto Ocana in Bahia. It's a small Baja! Roberto also told us to look up Manuel Romero Arce in Asuncion, but he wasn't there when we asked about him. Maybe you guys can introduce us the next time we're in town, unless he's coming to the family reunion in Bahia, we can meet him then.


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  10. 4baja

    gotnick i will pm you.
  11. blowhole

    Yeah, this is one of the great things about family makes the peninsula a real small place...we have fishing relatives in BOLA, Jose rosas and his sons...and Juan has family all over the place here, nicest folks you could ever meet...the reunion will be awesome...cant wait.
  12. aguachico

    Lilita is a great place and people were super.

    Camped there a few months ago. I have friends that pushed an aluminum off the beach. Not sure about the launch ramp or much about town. Drove thru it and talked to a few people. The road in is great.

    Camped here:
    Looking back to town:
    Muy Bonita:

    While on the yak I was talking to a panguero. Turns out we have mutual friends from BOLA. One friend that recently passed was admired in Lilita and sorely missed. He told me I was going the wrong way and pointed me into the right direction. i got to his location and was greeted by a school of boiling YT:


    The next day we were on the water, I give him some iron and rapalas as a thank yo for the YT spot. He gave me some lunch:

    Then he pulled out his GPS and gave me a honey hole. High spot. I plan to hit it this spring :D
  13. gotnick

    That's why I love Baja and the people there.
  14. T-man

    Hung out there a few times. Had quads with me and took a ride with my wife. We were gone and hour, not more than that and noticed my Honda EU2000 generator was gone. It was in the back of my truck. I was camping south of town ( 1/2 mile) and could not believe it. I have a shell in the back of my truck which was not locked. SUCKS..... Kinda can ruin your day. Like the other gentalman said, the wind there can start whipping hard.
  15. Head Hunter<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
    Mike Kanzer is an American who lives 5 miles south of Santa Rosalia and has a simple operation. He really knows his stuff and is a BD member. I highly recommend using Mike or his Capitan Danny. We stayed about 1km south of the harbor in Santa Rosalia. I think it was called Cascisdas Santa Rosalia. Owned by an American named Barbara. Very clean and has a million dollar view. <o:p></o:p>
  16. BajaBass

    2 different places, Santa Rosalia on Cortez side, Rosalillita, Pacific side.
  17. 4baja

    wrong town head hunter, rosalia is another 200 miles south plus or minus.