Santa Monica Bay

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    Went out yesterday ran out to Santa Monica canyon to check for sings of life on my way out the harbor the fist thing I see is red tide right out the gate, ran thru that for quite some time got out to about four miles saw birds working bait slowed down to see what all the commotion was all about, just dolphins working bait continued heading west they kept following for quite some time got out there to clean 57,58 water drove around metering some spots for no life at all, drop line on a couple of the spots for no biters ran back to M.D.R artificial reef picked off some calico bass ran over to the break wall and pull a few more out of the rocks.
    Reel Shimano spinning stardic 2500.
    Line 10 LB suffix Braid top shot 4 foot Backwater 6 LB fluorocarbon.
    Rod Shimano crucial 7’2’’ 6-12 Lb tests.
    Lure ¼ ounce Gamcatsu jig head Berkley gulp alive 4’’ minnow Emerald Shin
    Technique used slow drags on the bottom or light jig of the bottom.
    Good times.
    Bucket bay.

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