Santa Monica Bay Anchovies

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Cutt, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Cutt

    Anyone know what happened to the Anchovies in the Santa Monica Bay ? I haven't seen any in years.
  2. dockrat88

    if i am not mistaken, they're around now
  3. 310Frank

    From what I remember they all went to kings harbor and committed mass suicide, lol
  4. imboatless

  5. Done_Deal

    A better question is; Why are you asking about anchovies in Santa Monica Bay in an offshore reports forum.
  6. thumperfish

    MDR has anchovy right now.

    My understanding is, sardines have been much more abundant the last few years and can be wrapped during the day. Anchovies can be wrapped during the day but mostly done at night. Most docks take the easier route which tends to be the sardines. This may bot be right but it is what i have heard.
  7. frymyass

    What a Richard.:(
  8. bitesomthing

    i second that...............
  9. Cutt

    Well I was curious if anyone else noticed / knew, I want to use them in my chum line while I'm kite fishing offshore..
  10. makairaa

    Anchovies and sardines in socal are cyclical. For a decade or two anchovies will be more prevalent, then it switches to sardines. This is the real reason the sardines disappeared during the 60s and 70s.
  11. rodngun762

    not SMB but for the past few years (and could be every year) anchovies are super thick off newport/huntington flats in may-june... those gloomy marine layer mornings, dozens and dozens of spots of chovies up on the surface feeding. WSB and barracuda underneath them too. seems healthy and plentiful to me. at the newport barge in the summer most of the time for sale is either locally wrapped sardines or chovy... not uncommon at all.