Santa Monica 8/23 Best/Worst Surf Report

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by jscrib, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. jscrib

    Don't really post my surf fishing reports here but I thought you perverts might like this one. :drunk

    Had to hit the beach. Been a week since I've been down there so I rigged up a grub and headed down around 630p to find ugly water and lot's of weeds. Tide didn't help either. Oh well, started walking north and found a couple of spots in close that held some dink perch. No fish, just tail grabs. Start walking back south and hook what was probably a nice corb but the hook pulled. Landed one little perch but other than that the fishing sucked.

    The good news, periodically on this strip of beach I will see girls doing photo shoots. Rare but it does happen. Anyway, when I started walking back south this girl shows up in a one piece suit and starts posing for the camera. Very pretty girl I might add. Doing to whole model thing, ass out, chin forward. I keep "fishing". : farmer :

    Well, it gets better. After sometime she pulls the top part of her one piece down and puts on a very see through shirt and proceeds to get into the water so that it's wet. Basically topless. I keep "fishing". (and looking) :drunk

    Managed to snap a couple of photos but they suck like me.



    Went home not minding the one fish night.

  2. KC Kevin

    Wheres Keenfish and his killer gear when you need him? :D
  3. SAGE

  4. ZZZZZ

    Hay does someone have some type of special software and can zoom in on this?

    :boobies: :720icon:
  5. Johnnyfish

    Scribby you kill me. LOL
  6. johnybass

    :) Dude, i've always loved your reports and humor, but, your gonna have to take a photo class, or get a better camera. I know you strive for good work. Please do better next time.

  7. jscrib

    hahahaha, honestly they were so open about her being half nude I almost asked if I could take a picture with her.

    The pictures I took I was trying to be stealthy. Result, shitty photos.


    Hey Jason stop beating it for a second next time so we all can enjoy greedy happy ending bastard.
  9. sinjin

    Can't get away from you Jason. lol jk. Nice report.
  10. jscrib


    If that pisses you off then good. You need to have some thick skin over here. Other than that, you're on your own. Also, this is a great site so don't blow it.

  11. squidproquo

    Looks like you may have spewed on the lens in the first photo, next time wipe it off, and the lens too :jo: :jerkoff:
  12. sinjin

    Let's not bring the drama from allcoast here. I never asked of anything from you did I? My fault. Oh please. Don't bring that blame Sinjin mentality here. Have you read Marc Coopers reply? If not, I strongly advise you to. With that said, peace from my part. Hope you do likewise.
  13. Limits

    Zoom lens!!!!

    :jo: :jo: :jo:
  14. tcortez

    I don't know you personally but the image of a guy trying to be "stealthy" while wearing a "WHALE COCK" hat just doesn't seem real [fill in the blank].

    She was probably having a good laugh at your expense. On the other hand, celebrities get restraining orders against people for a lot less than being "stealthy" and taking photos.

    Just hav'n fun. You go brother!! Don't let "society's" norms deter you. LOL.

    Bloody Deck's appreciates good fishing posts - throw in a photos w/ skin (that you took yourself!!) and you have a captive audience. I hope the word "captive" doesn't excite you - another of society's hangups.

    Keep posting here - we need your expertise. I'm sure somebody here can help with your photography.
  15. jscrib

    And that is what I do. Have fun, fish and get :drunk .

    Man this has been a wierd past couple of weeks. Can't wait til Friday and my two day.

  16. ZZZZZ

    Iam sorry but I have witnessed and kept my mouth shut but dude you suck and thats all I can say about it. I have never in my life seen someone cause so much drama and trouble EVER. If you thought you got a bad wrapp for being a kook someone else and banned just wait unitl your colors shine over here.

    IMO BEAT IT KOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW: I don't need one of your thousand word selective quoting replies.

    Just warning my fellow BD'ers
  17. jscrib

    Marc is a fucking tool. And once again you missed the point. And this isn't about posting spots.

  18. ZZZZZ

    We might get some shit for this but you and I both know what this fag is capable of.
  19. Limits

    I wasn't going to say anything, but glad somebody spoke up.

  20. KC Kevin

    Thanks Brad. Ignore list seems appropriate given your sound advice.