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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by MitchellCustoms, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. MitchellCustoms

    is it a must to sand your blank,were do you do it all over or just were there isent a guide.whats the benefiets,

    thanks james
  2. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Sand your blank for what? Are you refinishing a stick? Be more specific
  3. MitchellCustoms

    my bad man just read on a post i guy was talking about sanding a blank i just didnt know if you sand your blank before you put epoxy on if thats not specific enough tell me what you need to know
  4. Comedie

    Vast majority of the blanks out there are presanded and finished. Gatorglass and some mudhole blanks are the only unsanded, new ones that I've tripped over.

    You can sand blanks in refinishing,,,, but very very little. If you sand thru the finish and start sanding into fibers, you are damaging the structural integrity.

    For myself, wherever a guide wrap will go on a blank, I buff with a fine scotchbrite and wipe with alcohol.
  5. Orca

    On a new blank the only place you would sand is where the grips and reel seat are going. This is so that you will get better adhesion of the epoxy.
  6. MitchellCustoms

    thanks alot for the info guys,trying to get into it.I already put down the grips and stuff but thats what i get for not asking thanks
  7. Capt. G

    So you mean to tell me that none of you guys (Orca, SD, Dave) sand your blanks down,
    then soak thoroughly in gasoline, and set on fire?
  8. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I used to, Till I set my hand on fire and tore out my stitches :D
  9. CALCOfshr

    Mitchell Customs??? custom what? rods?
  10. Comedie

    Nahhhh,,, I could never compete with The Master. I'm still trying to rub them together to get spontaneous combustion tho. :)
  11. OSiDE FiSHER

    I used to do that till I melted my watch with a heat gun.:)
  12. venturarodlure

    I was epoxying a rod once and was using an alchohol soaked q-tip as my torch when a drop fell still burning(just as luck would have it) onto my cup of acetone which spilled onto a bunch of papers and started an instant conflagration in my rod drying/library room....
  13. Owen

    Jeez John,
    You need to be more careful man.
    With all that going on you might have spilled your beer!!