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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by lynchmob, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. lynchmob

    I'm looking at buying property in San Quintin for my retirement. Any of you guys got property there? We were looking at Loreto or Mulege but my wife wouldn't do well in the summer heat. San Quintin has good fishing and weather that she can handle plus closer to the grandkids. I'll have my 18' Parker so I think that would be sufficent. Thanks for any comments.
  2. Calico

    My buddy just bought a lot there I will get you the info and PM it to you.
  3. Bullshipper

    Rent is so cheap in Mexico that it makes buying less attractive.

    Cheap flights to PV/Sayulita with better water, fishing and more stuff t do makes this a more interesting option imo.
  4. Ali Admin

    PM Capt Kelly. He's got a line on some new lots down there near the water.
  5. Lorenzo

    I have lots available at Campo Lorenzo near the Old Mill and Don Eddie's Landing with a private airstrip. Waterfront lots are $25,00.00 U.S Dollars see Also check out the other development across the bay at Raphael Orendain owns it and his telephone is 011-52-664-6842093. Raphael is a Mexican attorney, nice guy and speaks fluent English. Kelly bought his property from Guillermo Zepeta who owns the Jardines Restaurant and these are real nice garden lots a couple of miles inland and, I think, Kelly said they ran about $17,000.00 U.S. Dollars. Guillermo and his wife Carmen speak good English and their telephone is 011-52-616-1656060. I hope this will help. I've been in San Quintin for over 20 years and love it! Let me know when you plan to visit and maybe we can do some fishing.

  6. Jason Admin

    Straight from the man right there. Welcome to BD Lorenzo.
  7. fully involved

    Lorenzo, Your location is listed as SQ and Loreto. Do you have a line on anything REASONABLE in Loreto? One realtor I had contacted offered me a postage stamp of a lot down a little side street in town for $90,000 USD. I was hoping for something a little more realistic
  8. riptide

    hey guys, i am a hardcore fishermen and was going to retire in san quintin, i know kelly and all the boys down there, have been going for 18 years, also the winner of don eddies first and secound place in his third fishing turneys, my picture is on there website and all over don eddies landing.. however, san quintine is rather lacking..and a good drive to anything, like to town, big grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants..exc... i am the only legit amarican owned mexican corporation working Construction and real estate in the Ensenada area..i have many ocean view lots and am building spec houses for sale. plus close to all including 1 hour from san diego for when you get home sick..I build for $50 sf. please email me for more info..

    house under contruction and available for sale:
    2100sf luxury ocean view over looking the hotel coral and marina, master has jacuzze tub, terrace, laundry, garage, TV room, din, 2 story. including land owner ship for 125k. all document for your attorney

    2100sf rendering.jpg 2100sf 1st_floor.jpg 2100sf 2nd_floor.jpg

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  9. Lorenzo

    Unfortunately, Loreto property is all over the place and almost impossible to get a fix on. Ejido members are dumping property, Canadians bought up Nopolo and the Tripui fire/reconstruction is full speed. Be real careful! I built in Loreto Shores just South of town along the shoreline, but they just raised our property rent to $4100.00 per year. I'm headed back down next week and I'll try to get you a name or two. (My brother is the Firefighter -retired)
  10. anglermgmt


    On the property that you have for sale, would a gringo use a fidecomiso or is this leased land or ? What is the utilities situation? Can a palapa/trailer/bodega setup be put on the property or do you have to build a permanent structure?

    Congrats on getting the airpark going. I ran into you several years ago at Loreto Shores when I was fishing a Vagabundo tournament. I also used to stay at Rancho Sereno a bit before Jim passed on and Susie moved back to the states. I understand Julie occasionally works for you?

    What has become of the Rancho Sereno property? Is it still a place for "troubled teens" or whatever it became?
  11. Lorenzo

    In Mexico a gringo must take the long term lease or fidecomiso route. I have a Mexican corporation, but they are only for commercial purposes not personal land ownership. I have underground electricity to each lot and you must build a permanent structure within 3 years in the "Skypark" section. The original Campo Lorenzo area has all utilities and is also privately gated, but you can have anything from a trailer to a house. I charge $200.00 per month which includes all your utilities. Boat and other stuff storage area is also gated and that is free. Julie, her son Andy and daughter Jenna are living on the Rancho Sereno property. She is trying to raise some money to get the B&B started up again. Julie worked at Don Eddies for awhile and, what I understand, had a blast with the "BD Dudes" when they visited a month or so back! Julie is a real good of mine and actually uses my computer to communicate to your side of the fence. Hopefully, she can sell a few of my lots and make some pesos. My e-mail is I'm hear in San Quintin entertaining/screwing around with my good buddy Stan Vath the infamous "Tinknocker" and will be headed back to Loreto for a couple more weeks this Wednesday. E-mail me and maybe we can put a fishing trip together. Either side of the peninsula works for me!
  12. lynchmob

    Are you saying your lots are leased or available for trust? Thanks