San Quintin?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by reeleminross, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. reeleminross

    Can i get fuel in San Quintin on the water?
  2. Grand Slam

    negative amigo.........
  3. tunasurfer

    He bro.... anything is posible in S.Q. ...... Check with cap Juan,, he could maybe bring you 5 or 10 gal... there is No gass stations in the bay
    old man
  4. Captain Juan SQ

    if you need fuel and youre at the entrance to the bay,it can be arrenged,with one of the spots fishing operations to boat some fuel for you for a nominal fee.
  5. WaaTooSee

    how much fuel? over 100 gallons?
  6. reeleminross

    Hey frank! I think 100 gal would get me back, but it is gas and I don't think those 4 strokes will like the water, and seems i am reading that will brobably be the case. I am sure i can make it to the area i want to fish and back to the coral if i need to i was just looking at other options! You going down that way? I am looking to go this weekend and look offshore!
  7. Captain Curt

    Ross, your my hero. :appl:


    The boat Hanna........