SAN QUINTIN with K&M 7/14-7/16

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by misterjager, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. misterjager

    Went down with a group of 9 guys on Thurs 7/13 and stayed at Don Eddies. We fished the Island on 7/14 with Captain Kelly and Ivan. Fishing was decent with some good size yellowtail, bonita, and calico bass. On 7/15 it was more of the same fishing with Kelly and Oscar. On 7/15, four of us fished. 2 went to the island with Ivan. 2 went to the point with Kelly and found 68 degree water. We made the move outside and found several kelp patties holding large numbers of dorado and yellowtail. The final count for 7/15 was 26 yellowtail and 7 dorado. Kelly and crew were great. The boats are spacious, fast and deadly fishing machines. I highly recommend fishing with them when in San Quintin.

  2. Stevil

    Great report, Good Pics!!!
  3. Tinknocker

    Thanks for the report & pics. Looks like a great trip. K&M is dialed in!
    Heading to SQ today.

    any suggestions on tackle/ lures? i'm headed down there on monday, any info much appreciated.
  5. misterjager

    The only fish we caught on the troll were bonita. They hit black/purple rapalas and orange bellied rapalas. The yellows and dorado were caught on live mackeral on a 4/0 owner circle hook. The yellows caught at island wouldn't bite any line heavier than 20# but on the patties we fished 40#. Make sure you bring sabiki rigs to catch bait. The calicos were caught on 4" blue/green glitter, or rootbeer glitter plastics and on blue/white iron. Good luck!!!!
  6. dcchi

    Hey planning a trip down there soon. How much does Kelly charge for his boats?
  7. misterjager

    He charged $600/day for the 28' amato or the 25' parker. Both fished 4 guys very comfortably. Boats are very fast. Get alot more fishing in than with anyone else down there. The price some of the other guys quote is low but, they charge more to go outside. We found our patties about 26 miles out. Some can't go that far.I fished both boats, and if you have a choice take the 25' parker. It's awesome.
  8. Jason Admin

    That's the same price one of our trips cost on a private boat with 3 guys! I dunno how Kelly does it so cheap. He must live off of BD tee shirts and stickers LOL.