San Quintin road trip! DATE CHANGE TO FEB 5,6,7,8 !!!

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  1. MikeyLikesIt

    Well, the Seadawg crew is heading back down to SQ.

    Looking at leave O'dark thirty on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5th-travel down and fish the afternoon for dinner fare......then hit it hard on Friday and Saturday, and sleep in and travel back on SUNDAY Feb 8th, 2009.

    WIFEY WARNING: all wifey warnings have expired.

    We always have fun, we always eat like KINGS; the fishing is almost a given if you have some of eds how 'bout it gang? :D

    We would like to put together a caravan for the trip.......

    this trip is very affordable if you take your own boat.

    If you have never been, well, you cant ask for a better guided tour.......we usually end up buddy boating with least for part of the day...

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  2. johnnylite

    Do I need 4 wheel drive to launch? My wife would go for this even the valentine part.
  3. SeaDawg

    Dates are now 5 feb thru 8 Feb

    What time we leaving? 0430 (am)

    If you don't have a boat, there are a variety to choose from down there,

    K&M Offshore - Kelly and his son's
    Capt Juan
    Capt Jamie
    Don Eddies has boats as well :)

    I gotta start kissing up to mama NOW!!!!!!!!

    This trip is ALOT of fun if we get 20 - 30 people together. We have taken over Don Eddie's in the past. Last trip we hung out at Jardin's for dinner. One of Kelly's sons works there, excellant food :)
    • San Quintin road trip! DATE CHANGE TO FEB 5,6,7,8 !!!-DSC01285.JPG
    • San Quintin road trip! DATE CHANGE TO FEB 5,6,7,8 !!!-DSC01254.JPG
    • San Quintin road trip! DATE CHANGE TO FEB 5,6,7,8 !!!-DSC01245.JPG
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  4. Ali

    This trip is always a blast.

    Why don't you guys do it one week either side of Valentines day to make it easier on most.

    I might have to hitch the grady up for one last ride....
  5. SeaDawg

    OK - we heard you - dates now 5 thru 8 February :)

    From past experience, we leave here at 4:30am and have the boat in the water down there by 11am. We fish a 1/2 day and provide fresh dinner the first night for those who don't fish that first day :) I can't even begin to explain how good the food is :)

    Anyway, then we fish 2 full days after that, and take our time coming home on the 4th day.

    I have made this trip, 4 guys, 2 vehicles, 2 rooms, all the gas, insurance, all the food for less than $270 each FOR EVERYTHING if you tow a boat :) That is for 3 nights lodging and all gas for the boat & the vehicles :)
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  6. el capo

    You guys should see if you can get Kelly to take you to the Pink Flamingo bar.
  7. SeaDawg

    :) We couldn't even get him to come to dinner with us :)
  8. sdangler

    Just as long as they have your chips right???

    "No fucking chips, I'm outta here."
  9. SeaDawg

    You should be OK with a 21 foot boat. I launch my 23 with a 2 wheel drive :)
  10. SeaDawg

    Now, I'm trying awful hard not to say anything negative :) But I am NOT gonna eat chips out of a freakin bag in San Quintin!!!!! :rofl:

    Charge me EXTRA for the freakin things if the tortillas are expensive, don't stop making fresh chips, I mean what the fuck! :rofl:

    You gonna roll with us Mark????????

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