San Quintin Memorial Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Papa "J", May 27, 2003.

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    Towed the rig to San Quintin..Left at 0530 Fri 5/23 made a few stops and still got to our destination The Old Mill, at 1200. Not one problem on the way down..roads were very good.. Unloaded the gear got the boat ready...Kicked back, had a few cocktails & checked out the ramp...not the greatest condition, but being my fishing partner Scotty drives big rigs for a living we had no problems..there were plenty of people with much smaller boats that had plenty of problems. So the first night we met up with about 8 other of our friends & had a nice B-B-Q.

    Hit the ramp on Saturday about 0800, dropped in the water without a problem and waited around for some of the other guys that have been in the bay before to follow them out...If you have never been there it is worth while to hire a guide from Tibaron's ($50 I think) he will take you through the bay so you can mark it on you plotter, & bring you to all the good spots. So anyway, we follow a few guys out stop to make bait and nada. Only 1 mack in an hour. We all decide to head out and just fish the squid that was provided but some of our friends (Thanks Dean & Bill). Water was cold, around 59. We started picking up some lings & reds...when Dean calls us on breezing YT'S. Only about 1/2 mile away we reel up & head over there pronto. They get one in the boat about 12 - 15 lbs. You can see the fish chase the iron but no other takers. Wish we had more macks.
    Left the spot and fished the reds & lings the rest of the day...plenty of bottom fishing , filled the live wells. Very nice day on Sat, hardly any wind and little swell. Went to Jardins for dinner, great food for good price...if you bring your fish in they will cook 3 different ways for $5 per person. Awsome deal..

    Sunday a different story. Dropped in no problems, Followed someone out that went off course and ended up in about 1 1/2' of H2O. Barely skimmed the prop in the sand and made it to deeper water with no damage or other problems. Made plenty of bait this time. but wind was up around 25knts. Swell from 4 to 8 feet with 2 second intervals... it was of the guy took a look and headed back..Don't blame him..we were in a 2301 Striper, the biggest boat of the group, so we decided to check thing out for ourselves. It actually flattened out a little the further out we went, it was snotty but fishable. No YT'S around but founfd a great high spot & loaded on the lings to 15lbs. Using 80 spectra, with a 2lb wrecking ball to get down. My buddy Scotty got the 15lb ling...the fish hit the bait so hard that the weight wrapped aroung the fish & the hook caught the line..because of the hard drift there was never any slack on the line..he actually never hooked the fish just lasso him. we gaff the fish, give it some slack & everything just unwouned. Scott got the prize for the most original hook up. Got back in, a little hard on getting on the trailer with the wind but no problems. Got cleaned up, had another great Carne Asada (from Iowa Meats) & tri-tip B-B-Q. A few more cocktails, some cards, & just kicked back.

    No problems at any of the check points. We crossed back through Tecate, only about a 45min. wait. Had a few tacos while waiting in line. Got back to the casa with plenty of time to wash down the boat.

    San Quintin is a very nice easy trip, I wouldn't bring anything larger than a 23' boat. Take your time getting there. Have a good time.
    Make sure you have your back up stuff for your boat & trailer. BTW, At the Old Mill They have a hose you can use to flush your motor. And I belive at Don Eddies they have a Wash Down for the whole boat..
    I will definately be doing this trip more often

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