San Quintin fishing?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by allen williams, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. allen williams

    I am planning a trip to San Quintin. Any one have a number to reach Tito of Tito's pangas? Also are there any new fish reports from the area?
  2. Miguel M


    Tito's numbers are Home, - 011 52 (616) 165 6012. Cell - 011 52 (616) 101 3616. Check and Bloodydecks for excellent reports.

    Don't forget Kelly Catian or Tiburon for charters...
  3. BloodyHooker

    Juan is the MASTER down there. Look at my avitar... PM capt Juan SQ
    for more info
  4. nick17yz

    kelly has never let me down. look up K & M fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jason Admin

    Kelly is the man. Nicer boats, more range, faster, willing to try whatever you want, catches more big fish than everyone else...
  6. Papa "J"

    Definately Kelly or Juan. Make sure you get in touch with SeaDawg and get some of Ed's Jigs before you go. All the local down there swear by them.
  7. duanediego

    K&M is the only way to go in SQ
  8. Grand Slam

    I've used five different Captains in S. Q, and would highly recommend all of em. let's face it, they are in the entertainment business. They work their asses off to put us on fish and see to it that we are entertained. They may not spell worth a shit, but they all speak english better than I. The only time I ever got skunked and ended up on a sand bar, was when I chose to save a buck and not use a local Captain.
    Ditto on Ed's jigs.......... Good luck.
  9. bruteforce

    no one can put you on the white seabass like captain on the off season he's out there pulling in reds for the local fish markets. trust me he has some spots